Trends shaping the Future of Recruitment

Added: Mar 09, 2018 UTC
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As the time changes, the structure and the process change accordingly. It is the time for a completely new era in the field of recruitment where we are moving very fast towards artificial intelligence and less of the human interactions. Hiring a good talent for your company has become extremely transactional. The difficult potential candidate searches, the never-ending scheduling, and the recurring screening can be incompetent and tiresome. It’s time for a new epoch of hiring which can focus more on the gratifying elements of the job — an individual part, a strategic part.

Here, we will be discussing key game changers in the field of recruitment in the recent years to come.

Proactive Candidate Engagement v/s Reactive Candidate Attraction: There are two options available to the recruiter to hire from. One is from the pool of candidates who are actively searching for the new job and fulfil your requirements as well. And the other one is the passive candidate’s pool who can be the perfect match for the profile you are looking for but they are not actually looking out for a new job opportunity. As per my personal opinion, the passive candidate’s pool can be better suited for your organization. They have the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. They are the candidates who can be interested in a good opportunity comes in their way. So, the recruiter’s job here is to effectively engage the proactive candidates as well as attracting the passive candidates.

Social Media Evangelism: Very clearly in today’s time, if you are not on social media, you are mostly out of sight as well as the mind. The time has come when instead of companies looking for potential candidate’s social profiles, candidates look out for the social media pages of a company, the employees working there and then decide if they are comfortable working in their culture or not. So, social media plays a bigger role today than ever in attracting the candidates and sourcing a perfect fit.

Up-Skilling your extreme niche skills: When a recruiter is into hiring the candidates from niche fields, it is an exciting as well as a challenging job for him. Being in recruitment field, you need to know that if you want to attract a potential candidate to work in your company, you need to up-skill your position, your company, and its culture. You need to tell them why they should join your organization and what special or extra they will learn and achieve working with you. A candidate who is into niche segment know their value and very particular about their career paths and benefits involved.

Virtual Reality: If I talk about the recruitment trend a few decades back, the recruitment ratio was around 1:90. That means, out of 90 resumes screened, you will hire only one candidate after complete recruitment cycle and shortlist done. And when we look at the trend just 10 years back, it came to 1:9 and we are not very far from the time when it will drop to just 1:1. You will feel lucky if you get an application from a candidate who is the perfect match for the company. Now, it will depend on the recruiter and the organization’s reputation if the candidate will select you as his next employer or not. So, make sure you give them an idea of the organizational culture, its workforce, career path, job role, and his succession planning through virtual reality. You can opt for a virtual tour in your office premises giving an idea about the culture and the atmosphere of the company.

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Artificial Intelligence: This is still a topic we are afraid to touch on, but the reality is that it already has its presence in the market. There are robots who are ready and are already doing an initial screening of the candidates in terms of their communication skills, intellectual level, confidence, adaptability, dependability, trustworthy, and what not. HR professionals here need to understand the fact that AI will never be going to replace the humans from the department, they will be here only to help us in terms of reduced time and increased perfection of the selection process. 

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