Recruiters are Employer’s Brand Ambassador

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A candidate comes to the office premises wearing best of his formals, enters the reception area with a resume and required documents wearing a beautiful smile and keeping a lot of hesitation and nervousness in his mind. This is the first interaction of a candidate to the company when he meets and greets a receptionist and informs that he is here. Now, the first thing that we hand over to a candidate is a ‘Candidate Application Form’ if in case the company is still not doing this task online before the candidate comes. Or else the first impression is the way he is asked to sit and wait for the next call.

A recruiter and the recruitment process are the first and only point of interaction with a candidate when he is there for an interview. This is the only possible time when you can leave a good repo about the brand, about the company and its culture.

A recruiter has more than one challenge in order to close a position with best of a candidate who can be proved to be a productive employee for the company. These include:

-          Finding the right kind of talent

-          Telling them all about the business you are into

-          Selling them the company’s culture as to why they should join you

-          Pitching them on the corporate vision and mission

So, let’s discuss on few tips that the recruiters can adopt in order to establishing a positive and attractive Employer’s brand image.

-          Make sure that all the employees in your organization know the exact pitch for the business. Today is the time when a candidate can talk to anyone in the virtual world and know more about the company they are appearing for and first question to be asked is ‘What do you do?’ So, you need to be sure that everyone has a perfect answer to the same

-          Keep an eye on the retention of the current employees. The fact that you have high retention rate proves that you have a great culture followed in the organization and people comes first in the company

-          Promote the great leaders, managers, and workers with their success stories. People love to know more about the employees they are going to work with, specially the reporting managers. Sharing a little profile and best of their stories can attract more people to join the company

-          Develop your brand with your meaningful presence as employee ambassadorship in the industry communities. Leave your desk and get involved in the corporate tasks help within or outside your industry where you can interact more with the people and express your and your company’s views on various subjects

-          Know what your current employees are saying about the working culture and the organization as a whole. Start with asking a simple question as ‘What would you tell your friend about working here?’ If the answer is aligning to your vision of company’s vision and culture, you can go ahead with sharing it or you need to look into the factors the employees are talking about

-          Take a planned and integrated approach to the leveraging your social media handles. If in case you are going to share the recruitment videos, make sure all your employees are sharing it on the same day and on most of the social media accounts including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others

-          Get your inside photographer out and start clicking the pictures and keep sharing on the social media to build a brand. A photo speaks louder than the words and you should take advantage of the same. Go ahead for sharing the training photos, birthday celebrations, festival celebrations, launch of new product or service, employees with outstanding performances and much more.

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You can go ahead to adopt a number of tools to make your recruitment team and process a perfect employer’s brand ambassador. The teams’ just need to focus on the same and move ahead with the target of creating a candidate’s first interaction being the candidates’ delight. 

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