Modern Recruiters should possess Hybrid Qualities

Added: Mar 10, 2018 UTC
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A recruiter’s job is not merely looking at the database of resumes, screening using few tools and set of standards, interviewing, and final offer. It is much more to it and much deeper than it looks. A recruiter needs to have a clearer picture on the job profile they are looking a candidate for. They know the exact output we need from the profile and position. They know the real competencies and alignment of the output to the business strategies. They need to decide on what tools to use and what rounds to include in order assessing a candidate accurately. And finally, there comes short listing, salary negotiation, joining discussions, and offers on the terms mutually agreed on.

However, the demand of the hour is to have a great mix of qualities and competencies to have in a recruiter who can understand the requirement well, portray the same to the candidate, and hence hire a perfect fit for the organization. Here is the list of few hybrid qualities that a recruiter should possess in today’s world.

Sourcing: The way we used to source the candidate is not enough anymore. We just can’t source the candidate from the job portals and company’s ‘current openings’ page. It takes a lot of efforts and skills to source good, relevant, and matching profiles for the open position. So, a recruiter needs to have a vast knowledge and hands-on experience with the tools they can use to source the good candidates.

Marketing: HR is no more a job profile who is for the backend office and interaction with the outer world is just to take the interviews. While conducting the interviews, a recruiter needs to make sure that they are checking on various parameters to hire a candidate along with market themselves as the employer’s brand ambassador.

Networking: Networking is a quality that is not possessed by everyone and everyone can’t be comfortable with the same. It is a trick, competency, nature, behaviour, and a quality that is required in a recruiter for sure. You can go to any social networking site to share only the open position and keep quite otherwise. You need to keep increasing your network now and then and make sure that you have a bunch of interested candidates for the position likely to come in the near future. In short, the networking should be proactive, not reactive.

Data Analyst: It’s not a job of accounts and Statistics department to be good with numbers and great with data analytics skills. A recruiter should be very sharp on the numbers and data analytics to decide on various factors during hiring process including attrition rate, dropout rate, manpower budget, manpower planning, annual HR budget, hiring costs, ROI, and so on. So, if you are not good with numbers, your survival for being a good recruiter can be difficult. Make sure you brush up your mathematics and keep an eye on detail because that is the first step to get enabled to do data analytics.

Designer: Here, we don’t mean the fashion designer, a recruiter needs to be a great in designing the marketing material for a candidate that includes a detailed job description, job profile and roles, company overview, policies, advertisements for openings, joining forms and kits, letters, and other that will have direct impact on the candidate to get an image of an organization.

Technology/ Gadget Specialist: You can’t say anymore that my baby is much better with the gadgets than me. It may take you out of the business soon. You have to be proactive and enhance your knowledge of the various technology and gadgets already getting used in the HR field. A candidate should be at your fingertips, and likewise, you should be a click away to contact.

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So, the new position should be evolved as ‘Human Capital Developer’ rather than just a recruiter. 

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