Human Capital Areas that Organizations need to match the Technology Advancement

Added: Mar 12, 2018 UTC
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 The speed with which the technology is changing, the gap between this advancement and challenges of talent management and culture is increasing. The organizations need to take few steps in the area of Human capital to effectively bridge this gap. The companies need to understand the need of the hour and work towards filling this gap by taking some necessary steps in all the concerned departments.

Building the Organization of future:  90% of the companies are working towards changing the structure and designing of the organizations as per the demand of today. Today, most of the companies take it as a priority and difficult as well to transform the company shifting their focus to designing new organizations that can actively build organizational networks and ecosystems.

Learning Curve and Careers: Gone are the days when your educational qualification was enough for a job role and profile you are handling. It is the time when you need to regularly upgrade yourself with the new technologies invented and the new processes going live in the organizations. So, the employees learning should keep enhancing to enable themselves to be more productive at work.

Talent Acquisition: Getting suitable talent for the organization is not easy anymore. The recruiters across the globe agree that talent acquisition is on the priority list for them to enable themselves to cope with the technology advancements. Most of the companies are adopting various means of sourcing the candidates including social media, virtual tours; attracting employees being employers brand ambassadors and much more.

Employee Engagement beyond culture: The organizations need to understand the employees beyond their work areas. Employee engagement needs to go beyond the culture within the organization. Companies are studying the employee’s needs, journeys, and overall experience and accordingly work on the workforce redesigning, work productivity and well-being.

Performance Management: Even though we are working hard in the area of performance management within the organizations, we still need a lot to do. The organizations are spending huge time and money to streamline the performance management process in order to get a win-win situation for the employees and the employers given the productivity of the employees doesn’t get hampered.

Leadership also needs to be enhanced: With all the technological advancements and in the era of the digital world, when organizations are working hard to change their structure, the leadership also needs to be transformed. Companies are going ahead for younger, diverse, agile leadership models who can cope well and easily with the changing and emerging technology.

Digital HR: Yes, it’s time for digital HR era where we are going forward for introducing digital workforce, digitized HR platforms that can change the way employees connect to the work and the team members. HR is expanding its options with wide options of tools available to build digital organizations, workplace, and workforce.

People Analysis: The organizations keep a different aspect to know more about the productivity of the employees. HR professionals are taking up with a new role of data analytics as well where they take care of various activities and performance analysis data to help them to understand the team deliverables and work productivity.

Diversity and Inclusion: The diversity issue is the reality check for the organizations in today’s time. The inclusions and diversity in the processes and transparency are not the focus points only for the managerial level or CHRO level; rather they are the concerns for the CEOs of the company. Diversity helps any organizations in order to get diverse ideas and the workflow to achieve the targets.

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Future of workforce: The real challenge that organizations and HR department are facing is linked to the future where artificial intelligence plays a vital role. With the entry of Artificial intelligence and robotic recruiters, the HR professionals need to make proper organizational changes to help the workforce to get adapted to the same easily. 

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