Are we providing REAL ‘Work Experience’ to our Employees?

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Employers always look for working experience from the candidates applying for open job positions including new graduates and management trainees but are not working on and taking responsibility to offer them proper opportunities to achieve that experience. We always need to keep on checking with the department managers as to who should take pains to sow for you to reap the produce. Putting in simple words, who should come forward to offer the applicants the required skills and training for the position for you? The candidates should at least get an opportunity to gain those experiences.

There is always seen the disconnect between the offers that companies make and what they really expect. However, we as HR professionals know that we can get all the great new hires as per our requirements, but if they do not want to stay with you for a longer period of time, it won’t be worth it. So, companies should make sure that they don’t put the pointers in the job descriptions that are shared across various job portals that they really can't offer. They should keep it concise, real, and clear, setting the right prospect on both ends.

By a report published by CMI on ‘The 21st Century Leaders’, it is stated that every three in five employers (that comes to around 62%), look for the graduate candidates having leadership skills and practical management. The top 5 professional abilities that the new managers are looked for include: an ability to take responsibility, honesty and ethical awareness, people management skills, collaboration and team-working, critical analysis and problem-solving.

While deciding on the designation and job profile of the candidate you are going to hire, you need to all the basic requirements for the same. If you are asking the relevant work experience, make sure what exactly you want them to have experience of. If you are asking for ‘Handling Customers’, you should be very clear on assessing the candidates on skills related to the same like problem-solving skills, communication skills, customer grievance handling, appreciation skills, negotiation skills, and so on as per company’s needs. This way you can make sure that the employees you are hiring for your company would be a perfect fit for the role and organization if you are assessing on the behavioural skills as well.  

The same way, when you are done with hiring the perfect fit for the role you were going through your recruitment process, it becomes the duty of an organization as a whole and an HR as a specialized department to make sure that you provide suitable work profile and work environment to give them the required work experience as you promised during the interviews.

The job description that is provided to an employee should be covered properly and thoroughly so that they have a brilliant learning curve. An employee feels connected and valued when they get to learn new things that are helpful for their career. The pieces of research are there that found that the majority of the employers now look for the management skills, leadership and enterprise modules that are integrated further to all the degree courses to improve the work readiness of upcoming graduates.

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So, the organizations, HR professionals, and employees should walk hand in hand and work together to achieve the target of giving and getting the relevant work experience required for the jobs to get done and to build a progressive career. 

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