How HR Professionals can connect with Employees?

Added: Mar 13, 2018 UTC
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Human Resource department is known to have both the extremes of responsibilities – to talk directly to them over any disputes and misfit issues as well as maintaining healthy relations with them to keep them engaged. Today, every organization needs the employees who are passionate and who can bring the best of themselves to their employment. Companies expect this not only from its top performers but from each and every one of its employees, daily, in order to survive and be competitive, let alone succeed. The solitary element that differentiates one company from its competitor or any other company is its people, human talent and the efforts they are putting to get the things done.

So, HR professionals need to follow a great set of strategies to keep this relationship flourish like:

People First. Every company irrespective of its industry, size, culture, and worth, needs to put their people first keeping their well-being on priority. You need to respect your employees that can come in any form say respecting time, respecting opinions, culture, and much more.  

They should feel safe. In many organizations, the reporting managers rule their subordinates through threats, bullying, and intimidation. It makes them less productive and disconnected from the management. Employees should get the feel of being safe when they come up with the innovative ideas to try something new, no matter if the idea works or not.

Give them complete information. Gone are the days when the bosses used to select the information to share or to withhold the information to the selective employees. Today, you should go ahead with sharing the complete information as and when you have it unfettered, complete, and constant.

Personal Growth opportunities. Employees should get enough career growth opportunities so that they realize their value to the company. This helps in getting better productivity from them that is the best thing for the organizations.

Keep recognition as your way of life. Recognition can be monetary or non-monetary. The good news is that small gestures may cost nothing or very minimal to show your respect and value towards the employee. For example, a simple sorry, thank you, well done, or keep it up not may go far to keep your employees motivated.

It is a team leader or a manager’s responsibility as well as its HR departments’, so the HR professionals go hand in hand with them to discuss the path further and take action upon it.

Feedback Sessions. To have happy and satisfied employees, there should be an open communication system where you can get feedback from your employees. It should not be annual or half-yearly, these sessions should be there at least once in a month and HR professionals should keep their minds open to get that feedback in a positive manner.

Social Media Handles. Every organization has its social media handle for sure these days. HR professionals can make use of them and recognize their employees when they do extraordinary well or achieve some targets. Social media popularity makes them famous among their close friend circle and relatives.

Social Gatherings. Also, HR professionals can plan for some social gatherings like picnics, lunch or dinner get together with family or the team members. A social gathering is a perfect place to get all the employees speak up and share their real views.

Focus on Long-term engagement. Don’t patch up for a rapid fix. Build up a long-term strategy of employee engagement having clear objectives and accomplishment steps for at least more than a year, and then do the re-evaluation and put upon it.

Keep Trying. There is no fit all solution for anything and same goes here as well. The HR professionals need to keep trying various tools to see how your organization’s employees feel satisfied and connected.

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