Google recruiters suggest ways to improve Interviewing skills

Added: Mar 13, 2018 UTC
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A recruitment team always keeps looking for various ways to improve their interview process in order to get best of the talent to their organization. A recruiter knows that their next hire will be as good as their interview process. A company can’t magically recruit the top talent, rather they need to work on preparing the formal procedure to ensure that they are following the structure of interviews in a defined way as per the company’s needs.

One of the former Google recruiters shared the processes they go through to decide on how they can improve their interview process. Just like a candidate comes to give an interview after doing proper homework, a recruiter also needs to do some homework before meeting a candidate for face to face interview. Here are few tips that you should adopt to make your interview process better.

Read about the person: Today, we have various means to know more about a person, no matter how popular he/she is. Like you expect a candidate to come prepared for an interview, you are also expected to be prepared with some of the facts about the candidate. An interview is a time when you as a company decide if the candidate is a perfect fit for you, a candidate is also looking at the same aspect of the company would be good for him. Go and read their public posts on social media along with some of their contributions to the open source in terms of research, inventions, discussions, articles, or blogs.

Know your Biases factors: We may not agree on this, but we have few unconscious biases in terms of selection. It can be related to gender, location, university or even a name on the resume. With the trend of attaching a profile photo on the resume, there comes another unconscious bias to shortlist a candidate sometimes. Of course, we can never eliminate these biases from our mind that comes naturally, however you should be aware of them so that you can work on them.

Don’t hire your Doppelganger: Not denying the fact that we love to work with people similar to us. However, it is also known that the diversity at the workplace always helps to get more creativity and productivity. Avoid hiring your doppelganger that can be a long-term risk for the organization. A recruiter should know that the diverse workforce of an organization is more innovative, accomplish above-average economic returns, and have easy time hiring the talented employees.

Be Available and Present: We all have busy schedules and taking interviews can be time-consuming. However, you should always think from a candidate’s perspective that it is a big thing for him that will decide the next step of his career. A recruiter should make conscious efforts to avoid using mobile phones, checking emails, or even look here and there during an interview. It can literally turn off an interviewer and affect their performance and he may even change his mind to join you.

Be Consistent in your Question: As per various studies and my personal experience as well, a structured interview is best for getting an unbiased perfect fit. When you structure your interview and prepare some of your questions to ask everyone, it gives a clearer picture about the intellect of the candidates on the same scale. This way, you will not only give every candidate an equal chance to excel, but it will be an easier way for you to create a fair assessment between all of them.

DO NOT Groupthink: We tend to share our feedback about the candidate once we are done with the interview and hand over the resume to the next interviewer. It directly or indirectly affects the other person to make an image of the candidate before even meeting him which can be biased in getting to the results.

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