How can you make your Company Best from the Rest?

Added: Mar 14, 2018 UTC
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Every company is in the race to be on the top of the list, being it the top performer, top revenue generator, or the best employer. It takes more than just wages and employee engagement activities to keep your organization the best choice for the candidates to work with. You need to be close to your people and all the strategies and policies should move towards the betterment of the employees just like the business growth.

We always need to remember that High Trust leads to High Performance as well. When you get a workforce who trusts your moves, you will start getting better performances and results. The companies need to keep working on various policies and activities that can give its employees a feeling of association and importance. Once an employee knows that his contributions matter to the company, the productivity increases and the innovative ideas keep pouring in.

Here, we are sharing few aspects that the organizations take care to have the workforce motivated and satisfied.

A fair share of the profits earned by organizations: The employees who are working hard to help the organizations to achieve their targets and hence earning more revenues are very much eligible to get the profit sharing. They should feel connected to the management to share the profits and revenues generated.

People are paid fairly for the work they do: The organizations that pay fairly to its employees for the similar work are among the fair and the best ones to work for. The workplaces where the salaries vary from one employee to another for the same job profile have a number of employee grievances cases that hinders the success of the organizations.

Special and unique benefits: Many organizations consider special and unique benefits for the employees that cater to their individual preferences and suitability. These steps give the employees a personal touch and specialized treatment. These benefits do not cost a company much but mean a lot to the employees on the receiving end.

Every employee has an opportunity to get special recognition: In the bigger organizations, when the projects are huge and deliverables are large, the employees on the lower level get neglected and the appreciation is taken by the leaders and the managers.

Managers don’t play Favorites: There are a number of instances where the managers have their favourite team members who they want to have more responsibilities and hence more appreciation. When an employee starts considering himself as an equal part of the team and his contribution is considered in an equal manner as others’ they start performing better and the company starts its journey towards becoming the best companies.

No politicking and backstabbing to get the work done: The employee-friendly companies never promote the politics within an organization or teams to get the important works done. The workplaces where you find backstabbing in order to move ahead in the career or politicking in order to get some specific works done out of the way are not suitable for every employee. A good company works towards focusing and promoting each and every employee’s work.

Promotions to best deserved: That time of the year when everyone waits for that special email or the letter stating their promotions is very crucial for a company. Many employees are waiting for their promotion letter to decide whether to continue with the company or not. So, HR professionals have a tough time to decide on the promotions and increments. However, when the promotions are decided on the real factors for the deserving employees, nobody raises the question. When it’s a fair deal, everyone knows about it.

People Involvement in Decision making: The management also can play a big role in making their companies as the best company to work for. They can involve all the employees in the decision-making strategies however possible using various means of communication.

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