Things HR Professionals hate about their job

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Human Resources Professionals are also humans and are prone to hating few aspects of their own job profiles. Though their focus is on each and every employee that they love what they do and helping them to come to that point of satisfaction, there are times when they themselves need someone to help them in those hateful and uncontrolled situations. HR professionals are infamous among most of the corporate employees for not having much work to do, lest they know how many responsibilities are there in the department. The rest of the teams may not even able to work in a smooth manner if HR doesn’t maintain the required corporate culture.

Being in the profession for more than eight years, I can easily say that human the resource is the most unthankful profession where you get all the people talking to you in the sweetest manner and talk bad otherwise. Though HR profile is the best among all the available job profiles in the corporate according to me, there are a number of occasions when HR feels frustrated and hate the things in their job profile.

No control over Management: It is difficult for an HR professional to walk hand in hand with the management. They may not see the things as per the Indian labor law and do things that may go against them. Being in human resource person, you need to adhere to all the rules, policies, and laws defined. For example, you just can’t fire anyone without going through a proper way and be following all the steps including warning letters and termination process. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to handle the managers or the team leaders, or even the top management to get them to the level of mutual understanding.

Dramatic Employees: In all the companies, there are many employees who make it a habit of coming to HR cabin for the smallest thing possible in the world. It can be the car parking slot used by someone else, to microwave problems, to minor problems among the team members, and even to the extent of water bottle colors. These employees have all the energy to create a drama of these tiny issues and make HR professionals uncomfortable to answer them in a polite manner. Though these problems need to be taken care of directly by the administration department, they feel like discussing everything with HR managers that makes HR professionals hate their position where they need to listen to such nuisances as well.

Threatening Employees:  It is unfortunate of the Department of Human resources that the professionals need to take the brunt of all the issues within the organization when they come to HR manager to show their anger and threatens to leave the office or even go to the labor court. HR professionals are the ones who always adhere to all the laws as per the labor department and when they have to listen to these threats, makes them hate their job as well.

Negative Feelings of Employees:  There can be a number of issues for an employee that they are not feeling about the company, their job profiles, their working environment, their reporting manager, their working timings, communication time, salary date, salary value, deductions, or even the leave policies and so on. And all these negative feelings come to HR professionals in one or the other way and they are the ones who need to listen to all of them.

In anyways, HR professionals can have a thankless job but HR managers are much needed and valuable part of any corporate. They are the ones who can form a healthy bridge between the management and employees in the company. They may not be always appreciated for the work they are doing but their presence is vital to the success of any organization.


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