Artificial Intelligence can’t replace these Recruitment Skills

Added: Mar 16, 2018 UTC
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Artificial Intelligence is coming to the corporate at a faster speed and the companies are trying their best to incorporate the latest AI technology in one or the other way. HR professionals may think that it will replace them in the companies but that is clearly a myth. Artificial Intelligence is coming to help the HR professionals and not to take their jobs from them. No technology can ever replace a human touch and HR department is one of the most concerned departments for the employees of any organizations. It is the place where they can come and discuss their issues in hope of getting the desired solution.

The heart of the recruiting line of work includes the parts of the job that involve individual and emotional engagement which can never be replaced by Artificial Intelligence. Instead, it will help the HR professionals and the recruiters specifically to automate more unskilled and structured assignments like collecting data, shortlisting resumes, preparing interview schedules and free up themselves to concentrate on building the other skill sets which need a human touch.

Here are some of the recruiter’s skills that we can never be replaced by the upcoming technology of Artificial Intelligence.

Building positive relations with candidates: Artificial Intelligence can help you to shortlist and calling a candidate to the office and taking their preliminary round of interview, but it can never be able to give that personal touch that would help to build the positive relationships with the candidates when they come up for an interview. It is the responsibility on the behalf of a company to make the candidate feel comfortable when they appear for the interview and build a good repo to take the things forward that can’t be possible with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

Candidate’s potential beyond credentials: It is next to impossible for the Artificial Intelligence to know about the potential of a candidate who is appearing for an interview beyond the credentials given in his resume or the competencies that got feed up in the system to check. A recruiter is not there just to check if the candidate is good in terms of his credentials for the given job profile, rather it is much more than that and that makes the job of a recruiter the best one and the trickiest one in the world. And this feature can’t be replaced by Artificial intelligence ever.

Cultural Fit approach: When the corporate would start using the Artificial Intelligence, they will go for the credentials that are required in a candidate along with some of the pre-defined competencies that need to be checked during their interaction with the system. However, when a recruiter is present there in the physical form, he can judge in a much better way if a candidate is suitable for the culture of their organization or even if he would be better for the cultural add-on for your company.

Analyze their communication Skills: A recruiter needs to intervene in the process of hiring even when Artificial Intelligence comes into the picture to help the recruiters and HR professionals in the corporate. The communication level that is required to have in a candidate can only be known to the team leader and a recruiter. Without having a direct meeting with the recruiter, one can’t finalize a candidate on the communication skills the candidates have.

Salary Negotiation and accepting job offers: No matter how advanced the technology goes, Artificial Intelligence will never be able to negotiate with a candidate over the matter of salary or the joining. A candidate may or may not accept the offer in the form that we give. A recruiter has a big responsibility to negotiate with the candidate to join the company by telling various benefits for them to join us. Additionally, if the candidate is not ready for the salary offered, a system alone will never able to negotiate on the same.  

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Even if the Artificial Intelligence is there to help you out, you need to master these skills that will ensure that the candidates will always have an engaging and welcoming interaction. 

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