Tips to minimize Workplace Negativity

Added: Mar 17, 2018 UTC
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Nothing can be more dangerous than the workplace negativity that affects employee morale. It weakens the organizational positive energy and diverts significant attention from performance and work. You can find the negativity in one’s outlook, attitude, or the way of talking of one of the department members, or in increasing voices that respond to an event or a decision of workplace.

First of all, you need to know that there is negative energy around the work and people. Once you get to know that there is something wrong with the team members or the departments, the next step would be to probe more into the reasons and the beginning of these negative vibes. Being an HR professional, you always closely connected to the employees of the company and it becomes easy to get to know more about the negative things going on inside the premises. Take an advantage of the position and try to know more and go deeper to the roots of the problems.

Here, we are sharing some tips to minimize the workplace negativity.

Work Empowerment: The organizations need to understand that they need to provide opportunities to the employees to take the decisions about their own job. The first and most common and frequent reason for the workplace negativity is visible to the employee’s reporting manager or when the organization itself takes a decision about an employee’s assignments without asking for any inputs.

Opportunities to Speak Up: You need to give the opportunities to the employees to express their point of views and opinions about the policies and procedures of the organization. You need to notice the impacts when changes are done in the areas like salaries, benefits, working hours, overtime hours, dress codes, workplace location, and working conditions. These factors are the most important that impacts the peace of mind of an employee because these are the closest to their mind and physical presence. Changes made in these policies can cause grave negative reactions.

Treat Fairly: The HR professionals need to make sure that you treat people with fairness and steadiness. They are required to create and share the workplace policies that organize the tasks effectively and also relate them constantly. For an instance, if one employee is taking a leave for a said number of days in a stretch, make sure that the other employees are also given permission for the same so that there is no discrepancy of the policies and hence no negativity among the employees of being unfairly treated.

Trust your people: HR professionals have the duty to treat their employees considering them trustworthy and respect worthy, simply because they are. You have hired the person trusting his ability to fit into the organization and the job profile. You can go ahead for verifying their performance and contribution towards the organizational goals over time. Take the necessary steps that the employees also believe you to come to you to discuss their problem. If they don’t reach the position of trusting you, they will only hate you.

Every Employee is Important: You need to understand that each employee of the organization, irrespective of the position he/ she is working on needs to feel important of the position and the job profile they are handling. In case you are sharing some information, make sure you share it with every employee of the company at the same time so that feel a member of the in-crowd.

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Don’t create Rules for All: The weird it may sound, it is true and important. Once you get an information or you noticed something wrong in the organization, you should make sure that you take actions appropriately and specifically to the people involved or the teams violating the rules. It is not a good thing to apply new rules and policies to the whole organization when it should only be meant for few people.

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