How to make your Employer fall in Love with you?

Added: Mar 21, 2018 UTC
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Just like a candidate desperately looks out for a job, an employer is also waiting for the closure of the open position. Time is crucial for both the parties to complete the process. An interviewer has a lot to check and note when a candidate is there to meet him in the office for face to face interview. It all depends on the candidate how he approaches for the interview and how is the performance. Of course, the basic requirements need to be fulfilled to be eligible to get shortlisted and finally selected for an open position, but if you are called for a face to face interview, that means you fulfill the same.

Bow, it is all up to the candidate how they perform and how much they are capable of getting the employer falling in love with his candidature. Here are some tips that you may take care to make sure that you are one of those shortlisted who will be considered for the final decision.

Handshake: Be very attentive to the way you do handshake during your first meeting. As they say, your first impression is the last. Make sure you don’t have sweaty or flimsy hands. A confident handshake is when you offer a firm handshake having up to two pumps from hand to the elbow. And here you are ready to start your interview on a correct note.

Be Professional and get serious: When you are meeting the interviewer for the first time, there should not be any reason for you to be friendly in your talks and show a lenient attitude towards the conversation. A candidate should always take each and every interview as their deciding meeting for their future job opportunity.

Practice your interview skills: Even if you know that you do not want to join the company due to one or the other reason, you should consider going there for a meeting with the employer. You never know how is the company and its culture that you may change your mind afterwards. And even if you feel not to join the company, a business networking is never a bad idea while meeting an HR professional.

Ask Questions: A job seeker can never know every detail of a job profile, salary details, company culture, management, business goals, and lot other details in one meeting. However, an employer is there to know more about your interests and your priorities to know about the company. Take full advantage of the interview and the question from the employer, ‘Any Question?’

Be enthusiastic: An employer is looking for a candidate who can bring the positive attitude to the interview room. Most of the employers will not even think again for the one who gets the negative presence to the room. Simply remember that an interview is a time where you need to sell yourself and one of the main characteristic is your positive attitude that you will bring to the office every day along with you.  A smile and friendly voice tone can take you a long way to get into the desired position.

Show restraint: We agree that the things you talk in an interview matter a lot for a candidate as well as an employer. However, it is equally important to don’t talk much unnecessarily. You never know when you give such a statement that may not go well with the employer and you lose his interest. So, it is always advisable to talk as much as required and give all the required information and answers, but not more than that.

In the end, there are a number of recruiters and employers who said that the candidates simply go back saying thank you without even mentioning that they want to get selected and hired for the job. As simple it may sound, but it counts.

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