HR is aware that Open Office Environment doesn’t work at all

Updated: Jan 23, 2019 UTC
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According to a study, an employee takes only 37 seconds to know that the open office environment is not going to work for him/ her and it will just suck. For the obvious reasons, when you move across the office and look out for other people who are already working there in the open office environment, and you can see the screens of all the employees, you can figure it out that this atmosphere is not going to give you required freedom to work. It becomes irritating as well as annoying to work in the area where you know other 10 eyes might be looking at your system.

More than just open monitor for all, it also invites unwanted discussions and disturbances when the other employees talk to each other. Every discussion becomes a topic of gossip for the employees who just over-heard. We know how half knowledge is more dangerous than no knowledge and in open office environment, half knowledge about the actual discussion leads to numerous problems and issues within an organization that may become difficult to overcome later on.

Such open office environment has got very less alone space where you can handle serious discussions and confidential meetings. Most of the times, the employees need to go out of the office to concentrate on the work they are doing. The employees feel that open office environment doesn’t give them the privacy to work on the data as and when required. Not all the data is good to be shared with each and every employee working in the organization and hence the system doesn’t suit them.

In an organization, you have every type of employee and the loud employees are the worst distractions in the open office environment. The loud voice in one department can affect the concentration and employee performance of the employees from other departments as well. These loud voices can at least be avoided for the senior management if they are sitting behind the doors of cabins, and hence improving the employee performance.

The people who are in support of the open office environment say that it helps to give open communication and collaboration among the employees and build healthy employee relations. But please be honest about the fact, how much collaboration and communication we really need among the different departments. The effective communication may be good for the employees who are working within a department or working on the same project. However, the finance department doesn’t always need to keep communicating with Loyalty team of the organization.

There are different types of discussions that employees start doing which are far away from the employee performance and organizational goals. For example, one can be very enthusiastic about following a vegan diet and hence you keep on talking about the same to each and every person you are meeting on the way to your desk who don’t even give a shit about it. Why on the earth you need to talk about your feelings and beliefs to everyone when others also become a part of it, no matter they are interested or not. And such people are not rare, you can find in each office with different tastes of talks.

The employee relation in the open office environment has experienced more unrestrained communications, higher levels of anxiety, and lower levels of attentiveness and enthusiasm. The productivity and healthy environment of any organization cannot be measured just by the meetings, communications or collaborations among the employees; rather it should be measured by stress, morale, motivation, concentration, and a bigger list of other intangible feelings that actually affects the employee relations and their productivity.

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