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Yes! You can do that… Economical minded management has not always been in favor of employee engagement activities. In fact, they have the wrong opinion that all the engagement activities are directly linked with any incentive or cost.

As HR leaders we are challenged to guide many changes and are always enough optimistic and service-minded to their employees. If we need to gain confidence from both, do something very diplomatically. It should be effective as well as cost-free.

First of all, you have to make understand your Management about the importance of employee engagement. There are many merits of employee engagement. I believe the most important aspect is engaged employees' retention % is very high than others.

Existing employee retention is critically important for all organizations due to turn over expensive and top performers are always driving the business. At the same time it is equally important to ensure that new employee should be boosted and engaged as they can give fresh ideas and contribute to new process change etc. As a whole, it’s very crucial to retain new talents as they can also be a big impact on the future of the organization.

I think the “employee connects program” would be a better option for effectively engaging the new joiner. For doing this, someone has to be given sole responsibility (preferably a female) for completing and monitoring the task without any delay. Commonly a direct interaction between the hiring officers to the new joint may also be a good option.

Let’s prepare a questionnaire/checklist/ script well in ready to launch this. It should be fit for any role like “a barber's chair that fits all buttocks”. Here I am attaching a script that I prepared for my existing Company.

We can execute this connect program into two phases, one for immediately after completing one week and another for after completing one month.

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Here you can find the process and phases of employee engagement:

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