What companies need to understand about work-life integration?

Updated: Jan 05, 2019 UTC
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Gone are the days when the work-life balance was the term mostly used. Now, as per the modern time requirements, we need to make sure that the employees working for our organization can do their personal tasks that are important and urgent even when they are on duty and present in the company, because we know very well that they do work-related things when they are at their home, officially enjoying their off day.

Today, it is very simple to understand that work life balance is not at all possible.  And the culprit here is the internet. For one reason, it all because of the notifications we get and give a quick glance to the emails and other messages on the go, irrespective of the fact that it is your off day. Secondly, you think that it won’t take much of your time and replying and working on one mail can be ok, and boss may also feel good that you replied instantly. And here goes your precious time of an off day into checking, replying, and working on the emails you just got the notification for. The technology has made us available 24/7 literally.

So, here comes the role of HR professionals in collaboration with the management to understand and implement the required changes on the path of work-life integration and promote healthy employee relation.  

Aim to fulfil the employees’ life needs.  According to Friedman, an employee’s life needs can be divided into the four parts where he needs to contribute. These are home, work, community, and oneself. Corporate should understand that everyone have to give similar weightage and time frames to all the four necessities. They need to make sure that they are able to give four-way attentions to all the work-related and their life-related commitments well. This will also help the organizations to maintain good employee relation.

Work Flexibility: Time flexibility can play a big role in managing and providing perfect work-life integration to the employees. The corporate doesn’t lose much adopting the flexi-timing policies. They can still have 8-9 hours duty hours giving a little flexibility of reaching office in a range of time instead of a fixed time, say the morning time can be 8:00 to 10:00 and the off-time set accordingly completing the required working hours. Moreover, you can check the policies of other companies in your industry to have a closer look at the policies and its effects on the employee relation and satisfaction.

Give them time – off: It is a fact to know that is backed by the research reports that taking off period from your routine for few days changing your environment has a direct impact on the solid brain development and refreshment. And it goes without saying that it will be visible in the works and hence results of the employee. So, not taking leaves to an employee may hamper his/ her productivity and hence keeping the organizational goals a little far.

Small breaks are ok: HR professionals and management should understand that the human body isn’t designed to keep sitting and staring at the screen for continuous eight hours so taking a break and a little downtime is a must. Breaks evict monotony and make you more contented, more focused and creative in the long term.

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Encourage Employees: The corporate can encourage employees to own a proper work balance, by accepting their work-style, temperament, personal ethos, convenience, and suggesting them the contented work environment that they look for. Supporting your employees’ work-life integration and offering them various avenues of having quality family-time adds to productivity and enhancing competitiveness over time. Organizations can opt for creating work-life integration for having a good employee relation as one of the parts of the business strategy by conversing, proper training and investigating the employee personal life and culture along with creating few opportunities to get the focused delivery of the results. 

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