How can you create Company Culture your Employees crave?

Updated: Oct 08, 2018 UTC
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When an employee joins your company, the first thing that comes in his mind after the job profile of course, is the company culture. Giving free snacks and planning a good vacation time can make a difference for the employees, but the way you interact with the direct reporting managers and the environment you set in the organization is what an employee looks out for and that can keep them on board even when you do not consider pay raises and other bonuses as a normal thing.

The organizations spend a lot to achieve employee motivation and hence increasing employee retention by making their engagement and happiness matter to their company. And all this is done only because it affects employee’s productivity that directly impacts on their aspiration to contribute. Also, it helps them in deciding on their stay in the company and this leads directly to the employee retention for HR professionals. When you go through the facts and figures around engagement and turnover, it will never lie to you. And you have to admit and understand the importance of employee retention, that walking out of an employee costs much more than involving the funds to develop employee motivation.

HR professionals can opt for many simple steps to increase your employee retention rate such as:

·         You can provide them with the flexibility in time and give them more variable work hours and seasonal hours

·         When leadership involve the employee in their decision-making policies and transparency, as well as communication, become an important part of the discussion, it gives employee motivation and satisfaction

·         Corporate needs to be more flexible for working parents giving them additional maternity and paternity benefits including flexibility in time, days, and child care facilities

·         In addition to the customer experience, management needs to think about the employee development by focusing on their time and resources

·         You should consider improving team attitude in general by enhancing trust, respect, and support

·         Team spirit needs to be built with proper employee motivation activities by retreats and the other out of the office activities

·         Management should keep itself open to switching to the new technologies, younger generations, and creativity in problem-solving

·         Consistency and values should be consistent across the management and departmental level

·         HR professionals should make sure that they hire right people at the right place in right numbers. It really matters a lot to the employees who are already working in your organization employed on the similar tasks

·         You can even consider the educational enhancements for the employees who are working for you for a longer period of time

And make sure that the company has a perfect blend of the employees of different age, gender, and leadership levels

To know more about the level of employee motivation, you can conduct an employee survey asking very simple questions that can give you insight over their satisfaction level:

·         Do you think your opinion is valued?

·         Do you think your supervisor recognize the efforts you made to complete the tasks? If yes, how many times such instances happened in last three months.

·         Do you have the proper tools and resources that need to do your job?

·         Do you think that your manager listens closely to you?

·         Are you satisfied with the benefits you get from the company? Do you think these are competitive as compared to the other companies in our industry?

·         Do you think the company works well for employee motivation and employee retention?

·         Are you satisfied with the investment company making for the employee development?

Be informed that the number of employees filling the survey will tell you the exact position of the company culture fit. Getting very few responses means having a red flag and hence you need to make sure that you are taking all the essential steps to creating the company culture that an employee craves for.


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