How great leaders are different from good leaders?

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The times are challenging and managing a team being a leader is not a simple task anymore. Now, handling a team of millennials is a challenge in its own terms. One can be a good leader with regards to the experience, qualification, knowledge, and exposure; however, being a great leader is the demand of the moment.  Good leadership is not enough for employee development; we need great leaders to get more of the employee performance. There is a difference and it can be attained by proper employee training specialized for the leaders and reporting managers.

Good leaders can get their employees believe on them, however, the great leaders have the quality to inspire the employees to believe in themselves and hence achieving the better employee performance at work. Good leaders focus on showing the employees what a leader can do to achieve the targets; however, the great leaders always try their hands on employee training and make them believe to show what they can do with clear perspective. Your good leader can cook a meal for all his employees so that they can have proper food but a great leader will try and do everything for the employee development and teach them how to cook better so that they are capable of doing things on their own for the lifetime.

Basically, a great leadership is all about transferring the belief on the managers to themselves so that can perform at work with confidence and under their own supervision in a way. The great leaders will work towards sharing their knowledge, passion, vision, belief, and purpose to inspire the employee’s belief and impact. The great leaders have instilled the confidence to step up in their employees, take initiative and work towards a positive change for the better employee performance.

A great leader is best in influencing the employees and working on the employee development and they have some crucial qualities that make them the great influencers like:

Passion: There is no energy in the universe to put passion in a person, it is inbuilt and this makes a great leader stand out from the crowd. Leaders with confidence hold a passionate determination to attain team goals and plans. Their strong drive, persistence towards achieving goals, and focus create the ability to thrive at the whole thing they have set their minds to.

Collaboration: A great leader will never want to go alone to touch the new heights. He will definitely keep a focus on employee training and allow them to share the responsibilities and combine the knowledge, experience, and creativity of everyone. He is able to make synergistic and inspiring win-win solutions.

Courage: A person who is not bold enough to take risks and lead a team to achieve the results in unique ways may not become a great leader. And the reason behind it is the quality of being courageous that a great leader must possess. The great leaders are courageous who have the proactive association with the situation surrounding them. They have the ability to act in expectation and avoid reactive actions whenever feasible. They look out for information and like to stay informed of the various potential risks. In spite of all the proactive thinking process, they are always ready to face any problems and challenges coming their way.

Accountable: The great leaders are strong to accept the results even if they are not as expected. They are kind of leaders who are responsible for their decisions, actions, and behaviours and are always ready to take ownership of the selections they make.

And most importantly, the great leaders strive to make the employees working around them better in every sense. They want to invest in their employees giving them the opportunities that can help them to learn, and eventually become successful. 

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