5 Biggest Lessons I have learned in the corporate world

Added: Mar 28, 2018 UTC
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I have spent around ten years in the corporate world handling human resources management and would love to share the biggest lessons I have learnt in my journey so far. There are a number of human resources policies for the employees that help them to keep the organization work in a smoother way and as per the legal requirements. It doesn’t always matter how well you perform your tasks to get the things going in your own way. The other employees or colleagues who are working along with you can take you as your competitors anytime and take you into the situations that you never wanted to be in. Nobody can give a complete guide to survive in the corporate world but here are some tips that I would like to share to deal with your employees and managers more effectively.

Be nice: Of course, the office premises is not the place to show your real self while dealing with your managers and colleagues. It’s good to be nice at your workplace even if you don’t like some of the decisions or the ways of communication or the decisions are made. Be aware that it pays to be nice in the corporate world and never ever challenge the human resources policies to work in favour of you.

Work Pressure: It is very normal to have work pressure once you have entered the corporate world. The human resources management has the fixed manpower strength that is budgeted at the beginning of the financial year and the workload is hence divided among the current number of employees itself. The freshers can face the work pressure the most because they are new to such an environment and they are groomed in most of the fields possible. One should understand that the work pressure should be taken in a positive manner because this is the way you learn the maximum verticals of work that would take you a long way in your career.

Your colleagues are not your friends: Please don’t take the statement offended. This is the harsh truth of the corporate world where we should not mistake our colleagues as our friends. They can be very good to us and we can have an extended friend circle once we join the corporate. However, the friendship goals should be kept exclusive for the off-duty hours. Moreover, most of the organizations have the human resources policies where the spouse of an existing employee can’t be employed in the same office premises. Additionally, if you are in human resources management profile, make sure you don’t have the soft corner for your friends or relatives while hiring.

Love your job, but not the company: The bitter it may sound, the truth it is. You should love the profile you are hired for but not the company you are working for. The company may not need you tomorrow and stop loving you, but the profile will take you ahead in any other company that may need your skills. But again it is not the fault of a company and just can’t simply blame it. You assist your company raise and in turn, it would pay off you with handsome salary and additional perks. The day you are not fit for the role anymore, you may need to look out for better opportunities.

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Performance:  This is the most important thing to remember working in the corporate world. Only being nice to people, and working as per the human resources policies may not work, the performance and results are the key to any organization to know your potential. 

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