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Updated: Jul 18, 2019 UTC
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Have your company automated the HR processes or not yet? Is your human resources management is done through the digital HR tools or still being done manually by the administrative personnel? Is the reason behind non-automation of human resources policies the fear of being replaced by the technology? If yes and human resources planning is not done as per the new technologies available, please understand that the automated process will decre3ase the administrative tasks giving you more energy and time for some constructive works like supplying problem-solving skills, organizational goals oriented decisions and creativity.

When you allow new technology-oriented HR tools to handle the routine tasks related with human resources management, it will result in having modern HR departments that are being freed up to presume a better strategic function in their companies. We know how Human resources management automation is increasingly becoming a typical practice across most of the industries today; the ones that oppose automation are slowly remaining behind in the race. Instead of flourishing, they are reduced to just their existence in this highly competitive era.

According to one of the Harvard Business Review report, “the greatest value in the future of HR will be as an accelerated talent development centre, ensuring that all leaders in the organization are effective people leaders who can understand, interact with, and enhance their organization’s talent more effectively in the future.”

So, here is the guide to start off with the HR automation process.

Recruitments: Recruitment is a lengthy process that requires intensive administrative jobs. A lot of time and energy gets wasted on posting job descriptions, collecting a number of CVs and then reviewing those applications, scheduling and conducting interviews, selecting candidates which are enough to keep the whole recruitment team occupied for a longer duration. Human Resources planning can be opted out by the companies to ensure the consistency, legibility, and quality of the applications. You can streamline the application reviews; automatically schedule their preliminary rounds of interviews, sending follow-up emails and share role descriptions to the job sites and other social channels.

Onboarding process: Once the candidate is selected and comes to join the mutually agreed date, there comes the onboarding process. It is a time-consuming process which involves filling a lot of documents with their personal details, signing the required contracts, orientation program, training on the human resources policies and all the other tasks that can consume an HR professional’s whole day. With the help of automation process for all the admin aspects of onboarding can help the new employees having a modernized beginning to the company.

Performance Appraisals: This is one of the main aspects of human resources planning where the employees need to get appraised for their performances throughout the year. With an automated process, the performance criterion can get constantly updated and the management can get real, actual and up-to-date information about employee’s performance. The automated human resources policies will not only make it easier to identify the areas of concern, it will also help to provide more precise assessments for employees making it easier to identify if the targets have been met or not.

Payroll: Payroll is one of the parts of human resources management that can be laborious for the accounts and HR department. Automating the payroll process will decrease the process of one week to few minutes where the system itself calculates the days, deductions, arrears, taxes, and everything else that is predefined in the system and the salary sheet can be generated within minutes helping to save time and energy to a large extent.

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Leave Management: It is next to impossible to keep a record on the registers to maintain the number of leaves per employee as per the leave policy and the eligibility criterion. Hence, having an automated system for leave management can take the human resources planning to a better level. 

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