Easy ways to take a step forward towards Employee Wellness

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The new era employee engagement is all about employee wellness and taking care of their health as well. A large number of employers across industries feel that the wellness benefits companies are putting their money into are being appreciated by the employees that are positively impacting health and their well-being creating long-term worth for the organization. The management is becoming aware of the employee engagement by impacting wellness and getting its benefits on the company as a whole. It helps to allow wellness to become as recognized as an increasingly tactical issue.

Recent research suggests that the employers can reduce their employee retention costs by investing in their well-being specifically on the health of their staff. This can include both the straight costs of giving healthcare as well as the indirect costs of absenteeism and hence reduced overall productivity.

Here are 10 simplest ways to invest in the employee development by means of their wellness and healthcare.

Fitness Centers: The employees working in the corporate world rarely get time to go to a gym or even a walk to take care of their health. Additionally, the cost incurred in the gym subscription is too high that is not feasible for the person if he/ she is not sure of even 50% presence. Hence, investing in an in-house fitness centre is an investment worth for employee retention of the healthy people.

Quit Smoking programs: This is not a hidden fact that the millennials are into the bad habit of smoking and most of them want to quit because of their health, monetary, and family constraints. Enrolling them in free quit smoking programs can help them to eradicate the bad habit and come up with a better and healthy employee and hence the companies can contribute towards the employee development.

Giving better transportation facilities: Commuting from home to office is another challenge for the employees who stay a little far or in the areas where means of transportation are less.  You can take a step forward encouraging some alternative methods of commuting, such as bike sharing or using public transport incentives which can be beneficial to the workplace as well as the environment. Such initiatives are loved by the employees who love nature and value environmental responsibilities.

Medical Services: Medical insurance for the family can help the employees to save some money if there is any kind of emergency arises. Along with the insurance, the corporate can enrol themselves to various therapies that can be given onsite that can help the employees.

Yoga Classes: Scheduling yoga classes twice a week won’t cost much to a company and won’t even take much of the productive time of the employees. However, including the classes for yoga and meditation can prove to be the effective stress reliever. These ways, the organizations can invest a little in employee development and in return can win a good percentage of employee retention.

Healthy lunch and snacks: The companies that are well-equipped with canteens or cafeterias in the office premises are the best places to launch healthy snack times. When you promote healthy eating in your workplace, employees get benefits because everyone in the office has to eat.

Nap time: Who doesn’t want to relax for a while after lunch even being in the office? Everyone has a different way to get energized and finding out those can improve the employees’ mental wellness and ultimately productivity. Such programs of employee engagement can take the companies a long way to retain the employees by taking care of the employee’s wellness.

Weight Loss Challenges: When you have challenges to compete with your colleagues and friends, it becomes more of fun. Introducing benefits for the employee engagement can make the employees work harder to achieve the weight loss and hence stepping towards the healthy ones.

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