How should HR get connected with employees?

Updated: Dec 20, 2018 UTC
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HR professionals have a big responsibility to keep connected to the employees working in the organization in order to keep the employee motivation high. The motivated and positive attitude helps in getting better employee performance.

To connect well with all the employees in the organization, there are two fundamental things that are important for them to know. Firstly, there should be an adequate strength of Human resources professionals and secondly, whether the HR professionals really have time to connect one to one with the employees or not. In the IT industry, most of the activities of former workforce management are outsourced, and the in-house HR professionals mostly take care of the hardcore HR activities and hence the ratio comes to 1:200. Having this ratio, it becomes difficult for HR personnel to stay in touch with each employee. If we talk about the SMEs, most of the HR professionals are working as the personnel managers and are loaded with huge routine work including activities belonging to labour laws, payroll processing, and of course the ongoing recruitments. Hence, the management needs to work hard for the employee motivation by connecting to them frequently. Here, we are sharing some easiest ways to help you to get connected with your employees.

Have an open door policy. This is very important for any organization to have an open door policy to help the employees to come to you and talk without any fear about any of their issues or concerns. If in case an employee is leaving your company and not disclosing the exact reason, you should understand that the employee performance is getting down or employee morale is not up to the mark because of the manager or other team members.

No barriers to meeting HR people. The Human resource department should be the most accessible to all the employees and there should not be any barriers meeting them in person. Even if HR professionals are busy in some of their tasks they can listen to the employees for a while or can ask them to come at any other specific time frame. It helps HR professionals to gain employee trust and know more about what is going on the company.

Mail, Phone and WhatsApp: The social media and the other ways of communication can be used in routine to stay in touch with all of them. You can share your idea that even if you are not available to talk in person, you are just a call or a message away to hear them. It increases employee motivation as well and encourages them to talk more about the real problems.

Exit Interviews. Most of the HR professionals complain that the exit interviews are not very useful because the employees who are leaving the organization do not reveal the real things they have in their minds. So, it is very important to investigate the real causes of that disconnect between the Head of the departments and their subordinates to know more about the reasons behind the employee performance.

Keep in touch with team members as well: In the IT industry, the project managers tend to take feedback from the managers or the team leaders only and they hardly know about the team members that who is working and who is not working. HR professionals are also ignorant about most of the things that are happening in the important project teams till any member reaches them to share the exact issue. Therefore, it is important for the HR professionals to gain the trust of the employees by finding out what exactly is going on in the team and also take corrective and required actions thereafter to keep a check on employee motivation.

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Regional Language helps: Communicating in the local language can help more for the lower level employees. The reason for the same is that in mature organizations or MNCs, most of the staff are well-versed in English. In many organizations, English is the official language of communication and hence the language of communication is not a barrier as such. 

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