Tips to make your Day more Productive

Updated: Jan 29, 2019 UTC
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When we reach office at 9 or 9.30 in the morning, we have around eight to nine hours to spend in the office and it is up to you how productive you want to be for the company. Employee performance is assessed on their productivity at work with a dedication of course. The loyalty towards and dedication towards your work show how serious you are for the proving the employee performance and how important it is for you to complete the given tasks in the given deadlines. If by end of the day, you realize that some of the tasks assigned to you are still pending and you need to postpone them to the next day, which means there is some gap in your planning and execution of work. It is always important to sometimes go back to the basics of the corporate life and rules of time management to keep yourself motivated in order to be more productive at work.

Here we are sharing some tips to make your day more productive which you can further share with the staff to keep the employee performance high.

Goal Setting: I am a firm believer of goal setting process and this process should not be confined just to the annual goals that are mentioned in the performance appraisal forms, rather one needs to set their goals for their daily, weekly, and monthly deliverables as well. Most often, it is seen among the team members that they keep on working on the given tasks without even understanding the exact project or the exact output. It becomes the duty of team leaders and managers to clear their fundamentals and objectives of the work. These ways, we help the employees to set their goals fixed in terms of timely delivery as well as desired output.

Set your Priorities: It happens often that you have ten things to do in a day and you have planned your time accordingly but all of a sudden boss gives you another five tasks that you need to complete on an urgent basis. Here comes your prioritizing skills and time management ability. It is never recommended that you simply jump to the execution of the new tasks without any planning or prioritizing. It takes few minutes to set the priority to all the given tasks that affect overall employee performance. The positive results can be seen in no time if you start prioritizing your tasks for the day.

How you end your day: As it is important to set a routine for your whole day, it is equally important to have a proper routine for the end of the day. It is essential to plan the first few tasks for the morning next day. Once you reach the office, you should know how are you going to start your day and if you have a plan since the last day, you are mentally prepared to do the same with proper required means. It is also important for the tasks that you couldn’t finish the last day and is planning to complete the very next day, however, these should be clearly mentioned in your planner.

Take some time out for you: It might sound contradictory to the topic; however, it is extremely important to take some of your time for your hobby, interest and relaxation. It is important to have your mind relaxed from tensions and continuous workload to perform better at work. If you can make out some time for your hobby and stay connected to it, it enhances your productivity as well.

Take care of your health: As per the old saying, health is wealth; you must take care of your health. Regular exercises and eating well is very important for a fit body and mind. Taking care of yourself also comes under the good time management skills when you handle your work and health hand in hand. A person having a healthy body and mind can always think more, do more, and hence achieve more.

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