Human Resource Challenges we face today

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Every HR manager faces the problem of receiving complaints from every corner. And most of the times these complaints are related to recruitment, be it the delay in the hiring of candidates or the quality of the new hires. Though the market is full of unemployed candidates who are desperately looking out for jobs; the human resource department is still looking for their perfect match and it takes months to close the open positions that attract the complaints and issues from the concerned departments. Human resource professionals have more than one reason to back the reason for the same but the problem doesn’t end here and they need to work harder to get the desired resource for the organization.

Human resource department has a number of challenges that they need to face in their daily routine. Recruitment is just a part of that list that is kind of never-ending, however, there are many more challenges listed below that are often faced by human resource professionals.

Developing Leaders. Taking the leadership challenge is still not a common practice in the organization. According to various reports, only fifty percent of the employees who are eligible to handle the leadership role is actually ready for the same. And among that percentage, only a few are capable of handling the leadership role when it comes to making decisions for the betterment of the organization as the level of their thinking and performing stick to the task completion rather than getting the task done from the team with perfection. They remain unsuitable for the profile of creating perfection in their team members and hence fail most often on the leadership grounds.

Productivity/ Performance Management. Human resource organizations are mainly being managed and operated like any other function of the business and the team leaders want to keep a record of their performance. To provide the leaders with the required reports, there needs to have some measurement tools to monitor the efficiency and effectiveness of human resource department and a constraint for constant improvement efforts. Most companies are using performance metrics and other management tools to keep a record. However, pre-defined KPIs for the process of performance management help them to indicate the employee’s productivity and performance but creating the real-time key result areas become a challenge for the department.

Data Analysis and Management. There is a term called ‘People analytics’ which is referred to using the data related to people bring HR and business data together from various parts of the business. It also includes the external data that address the other Human resource challenges.

Employee Retention. This remains the common problem for most of the human resource professionals to retain the employees for a longer duration of time. The employees tend to leave the organization for any reason that can vary from better salary prospect, position change, career growth, bigger organization or even some conflict with managers or colleagues. Job satisfaction remains the biggest challenge to maintain for the human resource department.

Learning and Development. The continuous learning and career growth are essential to keep the employees motivated and loyal to the company. Once the employees get a feel of stagnation, it becomes a challenge for HR professionals to keep them motivated and retain for a longer period of time.

Work Simplification. Human resource is not an easy profile to handle where the things are complicated and different for each and every employee. Simplification of the existing processes and procedures is a real challenge for HR professionals. The management needs to cooperate with the department so as to clarify the objectives and culture of the organization they are looking for that can help the HR personnel to make a clear path to achieve it.

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Compliance management. The biggest challenge arises when it comes to adhering to legal compliances where human resource professionals need a little help from the legal as well as auditing departments. Basic knowledge and up-to-date information can help the department to complete all the formalities required.

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