A Secret Recipe to improve Employee Motivation

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If you think that employee motivation is very hard to get, you might following the traditional concept. Money is not everything to keep the employee motivation high, rather it is a slow and steady process that needs to be continuous in nature. The good employees really have the passion to grow, learn and make some difference to the world with their presence. The organizations need to be smart to improve the employee motivation to such an extent that they work collectively to create the environment which allows their development continuously.

Hr professionals need to know that to improve and achieve the employee motivation, one needs real dedication. You should understand that motivation can be in intrinsic or extrinsic. Extrinsic employee motivation obviously comes from outside such as money, trophies, prizes and the intrinsic employee motivation comes from inside in the form of satisfaction, fun, or pride. Once the human resource professionals understand the real need of the employees, it would be easy for them to design their path to achieve high employee motivation. Currently, there is a mismatch between the business our company does and the science we follow to understand it.

Here is my secret recipe to improve and achieve employee motivation in your organization.

Reasons for Hunger:

Before starting following any recipe, we need to know what the requirement is. You need to know the real need of the staff to decide on the recipe for employee motivation. It can be for:

  • Autonomy (The employee desire to direct their life in their own way)
  • Purpose (They should get a feel being a part of the bigger goal of organization)
  • Mastery (The push for becoming important)



You need following ingredients to prepare a perfect recipe to improve employee motivation.

  • Freedom to the employee
  • No micromanagement required
  • Employee interest
  • Enable Employees to do what matters the most
  • Frequent Experiments
  • Assumptions and Testing
  • Emphasize on company’s mission

Preparation Method

The recipe for employee motivation starts with the first step of giving them the freedom to decide what they want to do in the beginning and how to plan the same. When the management or the leaders start micro-managing, the problem of distrust arises and hence reduces the employee motivation. The spice of trust is always required with a pinch of their interest to take up the projects and tasks of their choice. You may want to make sure that the employees you hired for the particular project are working enough and in their best possible way, but keeping an eye on each detail may hinder the essence of their best performance.

To gain the mastery, the employees need a little empowerment from the management that would help them to give nice fragrance to the overall preparation. You can even think of investing some amount to enhance their skills in terms of latest certifications so that you would get the new knowledge to the work helping to get a better outcome. The leader has the duty to keep the team members motivated in the same direction to achieve the ultimate goal of the organization. You can even go for testing the ideas by the employees to give a new twist to the old recipe.


The employee motivation comes from the fact they are meeting some purpose that can be anything from monetary business to the company, social responsibility that attracts the millennials the most or achieving the overall organizational objectives. Don’t forget to keep reminding your employees the purpose of their being in the office, it is not only to sell the products or services the organization dealing in, rather it is about improving ourselves by doing the things better.

Serve it with love!!

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