People Management is not limited to Human Resources Department

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People Management is the skill that is supposed to be one of the essential skill in any HR professional. Though it is true that HR department needs to have strong people management skills to maintain a harmony within the organization, it is equally important for the team leaders and the management to be good with people working for them. It is the skill that can be developed over a period of time even if someone is not good in the same. There are certain things you need to keep looking at in order to be proficient in people management skills and lead the teams within the organization like a pro.

The ability of a manager to manage people directly affects the business growth and task achievements. The good people management leads to the better performance of employees and business, better productivity, and great organizational environment to work.  

Here, we are sharing few tips that would help you to be great in people management skills.

Building Strong Relationships. Good relationships go a long way for the employees, managers as well as the organization. When the leaders start working on maintaining good relationships with their people along with their customers, the company starts moving ahead on the path of success and growth. Building relation is never equivalent to becoming the best friend of everyone you meet. A good leader needs to maintain a level of professionalism and hence build the relation on the basis of trust and respect.

It takes only a few minutes when you stop by a person just to talk to him/ her and even take some opinion. But, in return, you get a more confident and positive person with increased productivity and performance. When you keep spreading positivity, it can take you and your business a long way towards success and growth.

Build your Communication Skills. Communication needs to be very strong for good people management. Here, the communication doesn’t only mean the speaking and listening skills, rather a leader must be good and efficient in reading people’s mind and body language to be able to make them understand the project accordingly. When you know how a person would perceive the details given, you can mould your sentences to make them understand well and work on the same.

Develop your Team. To develop healthy relations and productive team, a team leader needs to know and understand the exact capabilities and strengths of each and every member. Knowing their best quality can help in assigning the tasks as per their skills and hence getting the best result out of the same team. There would be no meaning of assigning an application development to a person who is proficient in software development. In addition to this, people management includes developing the skills of the employees that they want to grow in but are not effective as of now. You need to look out for proper training programs and the other ways out to develop their skills and hence the team productivity as well.

Believe in Transparency. When you are a leader managing people, you can’t go into hiding some information from one person and share with others. A team should know all the details required irrespective of the task they are working on. The most important part becomes the objective of the project and its importance for the organization. Once the team is clear with the final use and client’s requirements, it becomes easy to flow the information down the team members.

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Be Responsible. This might not be considered one of the basic people management skills for many, but I think it should be taken into consideration. This helps in building trust among the team members. The leader should be considered as the sole responsible for the performance of the team members, either everything goes perfect or it goes wrong, the leader will be responsible for the same and bear the consequences accordingly. You need to understand that the failure is not considered as a weakness; rather it’s a new opportunity to learn, improve and strengthen. Once you take responsibility for the team to get further respect from them.

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