Recruitment mistakes, Start-Ups should avoid

Updated: Jan 02, 2019 UTC
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Start-Ups are a special case when it comes to recruitment. The process of recruitment and the selection of candidates depend on a number of factors when we hire them for a start-up. They should consider creative strategies for their recruitment process to attract and hire the best of the candidates.

However, the start-ups are making some mistakes that are restricting their success journey. Here are some of the examples that you need to avoid to have a successful recruitment process in place.

  • When you don’t treat candidates like your best customers. Of course, the potential candidates deserve your best attention as you try to give your customers. You need to do everything possible to accommodate that candidate, amaze them and care for them to give them a great hiring experience.
  • When recruiters don’t understand the cost and benefit of the new joinee. When you hire a candidate, don’t just hire to the resource, rather the person should be able to cope up with the new company culture and environment.
  • Directly hiring the employees when the job can be done by the freelancers itself. Most of the times, the start-ups have jobs that can be completed by the freelancers itself instead of hiring the employees saving them a huge cost.
  • Hiring candidates on the permanent basis when the job required to be done is for a shorter duration. In the beginning, you have to optimize for some of the comfortable with doubt, alteration, less structured and a flat hierarchy.
  • When employer branding is not given any importance. The start-ups should understand that the candidates need to get attracted with proper marketing and employer branding so that they know well in advance what kind of company they are going to work for.
  • Not considering coaching strategy for Millennials. The millennials can easily be attracted offering them the coaching provision for the career growth and educational development. Not considering their requirement may hinder the success of your start-up.
  • Not having a proper office space that can attract Millennials. If you are not considering getting much of the millennials on board, you might be mistaking because as per the trend going on, in next few years, more than half of the workforce will be covered by millennials itself and having proper office space for them is vital.
  • Not considering recruitment time. If the recruiters you hired for your start-ups take a longer duration of time to complete the recruitment cycle, it can be a turn off for most of the potential candidates. Right from getting the requirement and on-boarding of the candidate, every step of recruitment should be well organized with a defined time limit.
  • Not chasing the passive candidates. One of the greatest mistakes of the start-up's recruitment process is that they try to find the suitable candidate only through the job portals and other social media websites where they get only the active candidates who are really looking out for jobs. However, the passive candidates who are more suitable for the organizations are not even considered and tried to tap.
  • Not implementing mobile-friendly applications to attract and get the employees. In today’s advanced scenarios, the organizations have developed their company website and application option to facilitate the candidates to get a streamlined recruitment process.
  • Not leverage employee referrals. The employee referrals can be a huge hit with the organizations when the candidates would be referred by the people who are already aware of the culture and processes. Not leveraging the employee referrals can prove to be a big mistake for the start-ups.
  • Not having good interviewers with proper interview skills. Having the inexperienced recruiters to take interviews and handle complete recruitment process can have the negative impact on the potential candidates as well as the ultimate selected employee’s quality.


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Hence, it is extremely important to have a proper and streamlined recruitment process for the start-ups just like other established organizations to make sure that the employees can align the tasks with the ultimate company goals. 

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