A clear guide to Employee Engagement for HR Professionals

Updated: Apr 11, 2018 UTC
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Employee Engagement is basically the relationship between an employee and the organization. It is all about how you maintain relations with your workforce; you keep them engaged in various activities apart from the tasks and goals are given to them to keep them aligned to our organizational objectives and culture. Apart from knowing ‘What is employee engagement’, it is equally important to know why it is needed to have great employee engagement program in an organization. Once you have a workforce working for you to achieve your dreams and goals, it becomes your duty to keep them engaged with the company’s mission and objectives and feel valued for their deliverables and hence the program holds such an importance.

Here, we are sharing a proper guide to Employee engagement that needs to be considered by HR professionals in order to have a successful company growth.

Clear the Purpose. Once you have decided to launch employee engagement program, you need to clear the purpose of launching the same. HR professionals should have a clear answer to ‘Why you need it?’ so that it can be led in the proper direction to meet the real goals. So, the purpose should be clearly defined.

Communication. Once the HR department is clear about the objective of employee engagement program and the process to be followed, it should be clearly communicated to the employees as well. The employees should know the authenticity and effects of the program for the development. Once the communication is done effectively, half the battle is won when they know the reason behind the programs coming ahead.
Health and Wellness. Health and wellness of employees are one of the significant factors in wellbeing, productivity, and performance which cannot be ignored. And hence, health and wellness of the employees must be an important part of an organization’s effective engagement plan. It is proved that there is a direct relation between the health of the employees and their engagement in the organization.
Ideal Workspace. When the employees enter the office premises, the office layout and how they sit in their cubicles, workstations or cabins make a strong impact on the working energy. The office layout must be energetic and refreshing with proper lighting and required amenities. A good layout and design of office reflect the style of the organization.
Well-Defined Roles. An organization can never fail who can clear thoughts and plan before hiring an employee regarding his job profile. If you are following the procedure of hiring a candidate and then deciding on his/ her deliverables, it won't take you anywhere towards success. The roles should be well-defined to help the recruiters find the perfect match for the open position as well as for the employee to get a clear idea about his key result areas. Also, each individual activity should be perfectly aligned with the organization’s mission.
Foster Friendships. Everyone needs friends and the workplace is not an exception for this. The place where you are spending your most energetic hours of the day requires few people who you can talk to and share your happiness and concerns. The management or HR professionals can help them to encourage their friendship by assigning the same project to work on or selecting them along for some training programs.
Recognition. The employees need recognition for the work they do and it is a normal mindset of a human being which is not wrong. Recognition can be in terms of popularity or appreciation and incentives or promotions. It depends on the HR and leaders to decide on the way of recognizing the employees for their achievements.
Personal Growth. The most important aspect comes to the personal growth of the employees that everyone craves for. Growth for an employee is vital and it can be developed by the team leader, educational programs, training modules, or any other means feasible for the organization.


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