How HR is responsible for legal compliances?

Updated: Jan 23, 2019 UTC
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Human resources is the center if any organization who is responsible to attract, hire, train, and retain the best talent that need to execute the strategies made and achieve their goals. Human resources legal compliances are necessary for any business to be flourishing in today’s lawful environment. However, maintaining and achieving compliance can be obscure goals for them that do not identify the challenges and expand an effective plan to meet them.

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To be able to achieve a perfect mark in terms of legal compliances, the organizations need to follow the basic five principles to achieve the desired goals.

Hire the right person in HR. It is extremely important that the person who would be responsible for taking care of all the legal compliances of the organizations related to HR functions is good in knowledge and basic concepts of Indian Law. At least, the person should be able to get the things done through the third party legal compliances professionals.

Proper Training. Even if the HR professionals are lagging behind in the knowledge and know-how of legal compliances, there should be proper education and training that can be provided to them to make them a pro in this work.

Create proper Employee Handbook. Having an employee handbook mentioning all the policies and SOPs for all the procedures to be followed can help the organizations to keep the things going smoothly. Also, it is equally important to regularly update the same with the next versions to have a track record of it.

Regular HR Audits. Before having any issue related to legal compliances, the organizations should consider hiring an audit firm to have an internal audit for HR department that can help you to know time to time if all the legal compliances are taken into consideration or not. Likewise, an issue came up in the audit report can be worked out timely.

Communication is the key point for anything. Right!! Communicate, communicate, and keep communicating. Everything, you know to keep the flow of information moving in the team and in case of any doubt communicate well and ask for the right solutions.

Here, we are sharing few steps that HR professionals should take to fulfil the legal compliances with HR laws and the required measures:

  • Familiarize yourself with the Indian law and keep yourself updated so that you don’t miss out on any new changes or alterations made to the law with the changing times. An employee should not come to you for any information that you are not aware of.
  • Human Resources legal compliances start right from the hiring of a candidate. Make sure you are not using any illegal practices in the process of recruitment in terms of caste, creed, religion, disabilities, age, marital status, sex, or ethnicity.
  • Keep updating and floating the policies among all the employees so that they don’t have any chance to say that they were not aware of the laws and policies followed by the organization. You can even post the requisite workplace notices at various suitable places.
  • When you have new employees joining the organization, make sure you inform them well about all the legal compliances that they need to take care of while working in the organization failing which can lead to having sole responsibility later.
  • Make sure that the organization is following the legal compliances pertaining to compensations. In addition, know all the regulations related to overtime pay, if any to make sure that the employees receive it if applicable.
  • Most importantly, consider publishing the employee handbook on the internal portal so that anyone can access the same without asking HR again and again.

These simple steps can help the Human Resources function to take the larger step to achieving the ultimate goal of maintaining HR legal compliances for the organization.

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