Why Good Employees Quit?

Added: Apr 12, 2018 UTC
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Good employees are like an asset for the organization who really think about the company objectives and work hard to achieve their goals. They are loyal to the company, their deliverables as well the leaders. To agree or not, the organizations need such good people for sure and especially when the number of such people decreasing day by day. The exit of the good employees is completely avoidable if they are leaving with some complaints. All that is needed is a new standpoint and few extra efforts on the leader’s part. Blaming on everything else may not help to achieve the business goals; someone has to take responsibility of losing a good employee from the company.

There can be several reasons that make the good employees take decisions of leaving the organization.

Loaded with extra work. The good employees are always seen to be the busiest in the company because they are simply able to do the work. The people who are able to deliver extra work to the leaders or the managers tend to get more of it and ultimately get overburdened. Talented employees will keep on taking the bigger and extra tasks; however, they won’t think twice to stay back if they feel that their job has started suffocating them. Even if you need to increase their workload, you should consider raises, promotions, or the designation-changes.

Not recognizing good work. Of course, the management knows that a particular employee is doing good job. Hence, it is extremely important to recognize the same to let them feel that you appreciate the hard work they are doing the extra efforts are getting noticed.

Not caring about the Employees. Most of the time, the reason behind good employees leaving their job is their relationships with the managers. The leaders need to know why caring for the employees important for the well-being of the organization. It is really not possible to work for a person for more than eight hours in the same premises who doesn’t value their contributions and don’t even care.

Not honoring the commitments. If the managers are honoring their commitments, they would likely to get the good employees happy and work with same passion. However, if the management fails to keep their promises, the day would not be far away to see their good employees out of the office working for their competitors.

Hiring and promoting wrong employees. Once the management or leaders take wrong decision in hiring new employees who are not good enough to work in the team or even promote the wrong person whose contributions were not worth promoting, they lose their real good employees. The employees who are great in their work would love to work with like-minded people always.

Not letting them developing their skills. The good employees are very passionate and hard-working. They love to expand their areas of work and hence want to pursue their passion and develop their skills. Few managers fear of having low productivity with their mind diversion and hinders their growth that set them unmotivated resulting in their exit from the company.

Not giving attention to their suggestions. A good employee is very creative and will give a number of suggestions for everything he/ she touch. They will have ideas for the improvements in the processes and procedures or everything else they feel like. Not paying any attention to the suggestion will turn them off forcing them to leave.

No challenges anymore. The good employees need to have more work that requires their intellect to prove the things and getting the solutions out of the issues. Once they fell into the stagnation in their learning phase and find themselves in a very comfort zone, they start feeling bored.

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