How can Mentoring Initiatives help the Workplace?

Updated: Oct 09, 2018 UTC
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When we talk about the successful organizations, one thing that is common in all is their excellent leaders who have the capabilities of turning a normal employee to extraordinary ones. To have a successful workforce, it is important to give them proper path to success under great leadership and guidance. And the best way to give them such a support within the organization is the mentoring program. An employee who has the capabilities and zeal to learn more and perform better should be put under the mentoring program under the guidance of an excellent leader.

Mentoring programs are in demand nowadays and becoming popular in the organizations because they help in controlling the attrition rate, promoting talent and growth, and helping the employees to adjust well to new positions and making them eligible to move ahead in their position within the same organization. Millennials even consider the mentoring programs to be one of the best options to get into any organization in terms of their success and growth.

Here we will be discussing the main benefits of having mentoring initiatives in your company.

Great Learning Curve. Nobody can deny the fact that the educated and well-trained employees are vital to any successful organization and for producing the best results. Having a proper mentoring program, the organizations can make sure that the work would be completed by the employees with the required knowledge of their position and field. Knowledge transfer is the essence of a successful mentoring program and when leaders take that responsibility to transfer their level of knowledge and attitude towards work, an employee is sure to nurture and grow.

Reduced Attrition Rate. One of the best results that a mentoring program gives is controlled attrition rate. An employee who is getting a lot to learn from his mentor and a chance to move up within the organization won’t think of leaving the organization. The mentoring program keeps them motivated to perform better and prove their leaders right and great by giving better outcome from the work s assigned to them. When we provide a personalized advice to an employee under the mentoring program, his mentor helps him to ensure that any frustrations or concerns related to work or otherwise won’t affect the employee’s motivation and satisfaction level. It also helps them build the skills required for their success. And hence the mentoring initiative encourages them to stay with the same company and grow for a longer duration of time. With reduced attrition rate, the company enjoy more of the experienced employees and save on the replacement recruitment costs.

Developing Leadership Skills. When an employee gets a hand of an excellent leader to hold, it is sure to get those leadership and management qualities in the process of the mentoring program. Having skilled employees in terms of management skills, it reduces the need of hiring from outside for the higher level of positions saving a lot of time and money. By executing a successful mentoring program, mentors can help and assist the employees in nurturing leadership skills who has the potential for the upcoming leadership openings.

Time reducing and focused program. Whenever an employee has any query or concern, his mentor is there to resolve within no time and hence saving time and energy keeping the team focused on the outcome desired. Additionally, the mentors can help saving the training time required for new the joinees by providing them with the project based mentors from the team available. This would help the existing employees working on their training and mentoring skills and the new employees would also be benefited by time-saving and able to work on live projects soon.

Overall, the mentoring initiatives can help the Companies as well as mentors and mentees. It is like Win-Win-Win situation for the management. 

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