High Performance Workplace and Job Rotation Strategy are Inter-connected

Updated: Apr 19, 2018 UTC
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Organizations in these modern times face rapid changes in the external company environment impacting the operations of the internal one. The demands of skilled workers, clients, customers, social activists, reformers are increasing every day demanding diversified requirements. To manage the increasing demands of the external clients as well as the internal ones is very important and job rotation can help the corporate to a large extent improving the overall workplace performance.

Job rotation involves the transfers of employees to internal departments to learn more and more skills required to understand overall business. The process involves the managers as well as non-mangers who go undergo a training in an organization working in different departments. The skills and knowledge that are acquired by an employee from the process of job rotation enhance their productivity. Also, job rotation helps the management in detecting various problems in different profiles and correcting the wrongs.

The management can opt for the process of job rotation for the betterment of the employee performance and it can help the organization in many ways like:

Job Enrichment. When the employees start working on different profiles, they get to know more about the other people’s job and the difficulty level. Normally, we think the work that the other departments or the other profiles are doing is easier and doable. However, we know more about it and rather work on it on your own; you get to know the basics and technicality of the profile and hence the overall company goals. There can be two outcomes from the job rotation when one employee starts working in another department.

Ø  They get to know the different aspects of the operations of the firm and hence the employees get more versatile in terms of their knowledge and capabilities

Ø  Unconsciously, the employees will learn new skills that might cost the company much higher if they would have provided the formal training from the external trainers.

Ø  Job rotation in any company is the practice that helps in putting motivational factors into the job content.


Job Enlargement. When the employee gets loaded with the knowledge of the job in the horizontal direction, it is known as job enlargement. It will give the employees some extra work by stretching the process. It helps in reduction of job dissatisfaction among the employees by increasing the tasks each employee performs. You can enlarge the job profile of an employee in various ways like:

Ø  By challenging an employee work up more to their potential. However, this will work only when the other aspects of the work profile are well altered

Ø  Giving them the access to machinery or automated process wherever possible to decrease the manual work and increase the intellectual aspect of an employee

Ø   Assigning some extra tasks that are less repetitive and more of the variety to perform great outcomes

Ø   Letting them learn new skills and engaging them in different activities with the help of job rotation

Job Performance. Job performance involves doing something that would involve the piece of work, duties or tasks. Even the execution of the work given is measured to check their job performance through job rotation. An employee’s job performance is the combination of the ability to do the task and the motivation level of taking up the work and completing with the best outcome.

Job rotation should be designed to work in consonance along with other aspects such as quality of job, employee’s attitude towards job, total time taken to complete the job, better remuneration, and motivation level of the employee that may influence employees and their performance at work to make sure that the organizations are achieving their ultimate goals.


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