Why Xennials are Important for an Organization?

Added: Apr 16, 2018 UTC
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Enough talking about the millennials of the corporate, Xennials are another important for an organization. First of all, we need to understand the meaning of Xennials that will make it easier to understand their importance. Xennials refer to that micro-generation that is born between the years of Generation Xers and the Millennials. They are not old to represent the generation X and not that young to fall into the millennial category. No doubt that the organizations prefer hiring the millennials as their workforce being young, energetic and fresh. However, for the senior positions, the corporate need the employees who can represent both the generations. There are a number of benefits of having Xennials in the organizations and some of them being:

They know the modes of communication other than Whatsapp. Xennials are the ones who can rather prefer communicating without WhatsApp. They pick up the phone and talk directly and also, send proper e-mails for most of the tasks rather than dropping an instant message on Whatsapp. If they are not happy with any of their team member’s performance, they call them to their workplace and talk directly and likewise to appreciate the work done well. Xennials are simply best at communicating according to the situation.

Xennials are the real adopters of new technology. Basically, the Xennials represent the generation who have spent their analogue childhood and also adapted to the new technology and going digital. They know how to use or I should say utilize the power of networking and social media websites but they are not busy in taking selfies every now and then. Hence, with the new technology entering the market every day, Xennials are not afraid of embracing anything new that comes up and are always ready to upgrade them and work on it to perfection.

Xennials know the real meaning of work-life balance. Xennials are not addicted to their Smartphone screens mostly and hence can leave the electronic gadgets and spend a good time with their family and friends giving importance to work-life balance. Consequently, once they come back to the office next morning, they are fresh, recharges, focused on what they need to deliver in those working hours. Time away from technology let them think on other strategies for work keeping them clear on the path to walk on to accomplish the goals to be achieved.

They have entrepreneurial qualities and can take ownership. Unlike Millennials, they are not only concerned about the monthly paychecks and career development, Xennials needs a purpose to accomplish. They want to know the reason they are hired and work on the same. They are always curious to get new assignments, challenges, or projects to get better at work showing their entrepreneurial qualities. Basically, Xennials and Millennials are never satisfied only with the pay-checks and hence look out for more. Like, millennials are always ready to learn and develop new skills; Xennials keep looking for challenging opportunities to get a purpose of their work.

They complete the work and deliver on time. Xennials are the ones who believe in completing the work on time, with the best quality and deliver the same with the required expertise. Xennials have idealism just as the millennials of the organizations, however, they have the realism and the attitude of ‘get things done’ too. The words they speak matter a lot for them and if they make a promise, they are bound to it and fulfil the same for sure.

Xennials don’t have an excuse of ‘This is how things are done’. The reason that the Xennials have witnessed a number of changes in the technology and lifestyle, they are the ones who will never buy the statement saying ‘This is how things are always done’. The process and the way to do things can change and can change for the betterment.

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Hence to keep the organization working with the modern and fresh ideas along with the experienced way of thinking and mindset, it is important to have a good mix of millennials and Xennials.

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