What makes Great Managers Different?

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It is so rightly said that “Great people don’t do different things, and they just do things differently”. Great managers are a very important part of the growth and evolution of an organization. Good managers can make the best out of each and every employee. There is no happiness more than having a great boss. Employees who are productive and generally happier workers are well managed by their supervisors. There is no secret to happy employees; it’s all about how you manage them. Below mentioned are the actions and traits that set great managers apart from all the others:

Setting Clear Expectations: Setting expectations of the people whom you work with is really important. People should clearly know what you expect from them. Upon both ways, if this is not clearly defined and agreed, there will be lots of confusion amongst the teammates, when the deadline comes and you’ll find unhappy faces and blame games all over the place. People are more productive when they have clear goals and objectives to work towards, and it is all up to the manager to grow his people by being transparent and keeping regular communication with all.

Know Your People: This is the biggest secret I give you to have a happy people team. Know your people, know their strengths and weaknesses, know what inspires them, know what motivates them, know what their goals in life are, and know what their family requirements are. If you know all the details of your people you work with, you will make a manager with whom everyone likes to work with.

Praise & Recognize: Managers who are reluctant to appreciate their subordinates will never make a happy team ever. Every human being likes to be appreciated in whatever they do. If somebody does a good job we should appreciate and praise them immediately. This definitely motivates the person to do better, the next time when they are assigned any task. Great managers never delay in appreciating their people.

Show your Care: When you are managing people, you need to take care of them the way you take care of your own family. You have to really, care for them. People might be having a bad day or feeling morally down, a few words of encouragement can really pick them up. If they find you taking care of their needs and their expectations, they will also take care of you in return.

Standing by your Team: Great managers earn the trust of their people, and will ultimately take responsibility for their own mistakes or errors that are the result of poor management and guidance. 

 Hence, great management is not only shown in employee performance but also a happy work environment. Employees that are well managed are more motivated and committed to their work and there is often an increased rate of staff retention. To conclude with we can say that strength focus is something that delivers big rewards to managers. It doesn’t require taking any approvals or getting and budgets executed to manage your people well. Managers should only be willing to start looking for the best in their employees and what brings the maximum out of them. You just have to be human to manage another human.


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