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Updated: Jan 24, 2019 UTC
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Human Resource managers are responsible for screening, interviewing, selecting, recruiting and placement of employees in an organization. Apart from that, Human Resources also take care of employee training, development, benefits, payroll, and relations. Here are the core functions performed by the HR to keep the organization running. Human Resources manage the humans within the workplace.

The goal of every Human Resource department is to meet the objective of the organization. It also makes sure that the organization meets the needs of the selected employees. For smaller organizations, small staff or a manager can handle Human Resources.  For more complex organizations, depending on the size, the task of HR becomes more complicated with hundreds of departments and employees.

Employee recruitment Process

Before selecting and hiring the best candidate, Human Resource goes through a series of the hiring process. Recruitment is the first process which leads to hiring people to offer a job. Recruitment process involves reaching out to a large pool of candidates. Candidates are requested to apply for the job through various mediums. Some of the sources of recruitment are college campus recruitment, advertisement, job referrals, trade unions, job postings, and several others. Candidates who respond to these offers then come in for interviews, other formalities and methods of assessment.

Screening and interview of the candidates                                   

Human Resource managers also cross-check the background of the potential candidates and check references at the same time.  Job applications are a type of recruitment where the candidates submit their CV, resume via email or at the firm. Job interviews are conducted for assessing the employee, his communication skill, his knowledge related to the job, etc. companies that are involved in hiring new staff frequently not only post jobs on their official websites but also on other job sites and job boards online.

Some of the popular job offering and recruitment sites are Monster, MediaBistro, and others. Few companies also choose to open positions on a professional networking site like LinkedIn. Several employers and employees use these social mediums to find what they are looking for. Social recruiting is booming day by day with almost every company nowadays. Companies are sourcing candidates for the job on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and other sites. This technique is also being considered by a large variety of Human Resource managers to look for the candidates and investigate their profiles before making any final decision.

Employee Selection Process

Selection is the process of finding the right people at the right time for the right place in any organization. Effective selection takes place when there’s an effective matching of what the organization wants and what the candidates have to offer. The objective of the selection process is to find the best candidate for the required job. The selection process is very important for the organization as it leads to providing quality performance. When the employees have the required skills for the job, they are satisfied with their job. This lower the chances of facing the problems of employee turnover and absenteeism.

Human Resource also helps to save a bunch of cost and time of the organization by carrying out the selection process effectively. All the candidates are sorted to find out the potential candidates for the job. All potential candidates go through the process of screening and interviewing. Candidates go through a chain of the process along with various tests to complete the selection process. Selection is also termed as a negative process as opposed to recruitment because it involves chopping off the regular candidates and selecting the best in the end. The selection process includes preliminary interviews, filling out the application form, written tests, interviews, medical examination, and appointment letter.

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