A Wrong Hire can Cost you a lot. Background Check is Must.

Added: Apr 17, 2018 UTC
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Recruitment and selection being the basic requirement of an organization, there are a number of steps involved in the process of hiring. These steps start from writing the job description for the open position, share the requirement online and offline with the concerned recruiters, getting applications, shortlisting, conducting rounds of interviews, salary negotiation, sharing joining details and finally getting the candidate on-board conducting induction and joining formalities. A candidate becomes an employee after passing through a lot of stages and slowly an asset for the organization after performing well and staying with the organization for the longer period of time.

However, the recruiters also are humans and can hire a wrong person in case they don’t go for the proper background verification of the candidate. Yes!! The recruiters take care of most of the stages leaving background verification an unattended one considering it not very important. Here we are discussing few reasons why background verification is important for the well-being of the organization.

Criminal History. You never know who the person is you are taking interview of. You can never judge the criminal mindset of a candidate who would, of course, behave like a perfect person at the time of interview. Getting his police verification is very important to know if the person has any criminal history or not. It could be the case that the charges might be old, irrelevant to the job profile that companies can ignore and go ahead with the hire.

Past Liabilities. The organizations have the right to know if the potential candidate has any liabilities to pay the previous organization. You never know the contract he/ she signed that may cause an issue for your company later on. So, it is advisable to talk to the previous employer to know more about it.

Get a complete picture of the candidate. Background verification helps the recruiter to get a complete picture of the candidature and various characteristic that could have noticed by the previous employer. The relevant questions can help a recruiter to know more and more about the candidate and hence decide if they are ok to hire the person or not.

To keep the employees and customers safe. In the roles where the candidate needs to interact with the customers or even visit their places for various tasks, the organizations need to be very careful about the background verification to keep the internal employees as well as the customers safe from any kind of criminal minds. One person can spoil the company image and hence it is extremely important to take care of all these things well in advance.

Keep the workplace drug free. Conduct a complete background verification along with the medical tests to know if the candidate is the drug addict or not. Once a person enters the office premises who is addicted or even has some kind of attraction towards drug consumption, you can put other employees at risk as well. So, recruiters need to be sure about these kinds of medical history of their potential employees.

Check on dishonesty. During an interview, a candidate can hide some information, alter some facts, or lie about some important details that are relevant to the job profile you are hiring him for. Doing a proper background verification helps you to know the level of honesty a person has by verifying the facts and details mentioned by him in the interview. It can be related to the reason for leaving, last salary, designation, duration or employment or any other details.

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Be sure about the best hire. The background verification gives an employer a satisfaction and peace of mind by ensuring the best hire for the organization to an extent.

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