Different types of Co-workers you find in every Office

Updated: Jan 23, 2019 UTC
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We spend our most precious, energetic time in our workplace. We spend around eight to nine hours daily in our office meeting various kinds of people there. Every company can be different from one another — even your work roles and the profiles handled in the office can be different altogether. However, you can find various types of people in every office and most of them are common everywhere. Hopefully, you have also come across most of them and here we are sharing the most common types of co-workers we find in every other office.

Workaholic. Yes, there are a lot of employees who are very sincere in their workings and find it extremely important to keep on working for the number of hours they are spending in the office premises. They start their work right from their entrance time and keep on working till they are there on their workstations taking only lunch breaks and rarely any other break in between. These types of employees are found to be glued to their seats with eyes into the screens.

Latecomers. Every office has a list of employees who are always late in the office and have unique and new excuse to give every time they are asked. Repeated warnings and salary deductions help but not to the extent that they stop falling in this category.

Yes, Boss Type. These types of co-workers are found to be boss’s favourite. They can do anything to please their boss and nod their head as the boss says. They try too hard to remain in the good books of the boss to get good promotions, salary hikes, or better opportunities.

Gossip Masters. You bet on any gossip going on in the office and they don’t know about it. It just can’t happen; they are the most interesting ones to talk to who will have a lot of stories to tell every time. You may find your life to be incomplete without them in the office. They know all the secrets of office politics and can be your stress buster if you love to listen to some gossips.

Slacker. This is also a common type of co-worker who is always tried to disown by the teams. They have all the excuses for not doing the work and still remain in the team. This causes a lot of work pressure on the other team members and hence are mostly avoided by the leaders.

Aunty types. These types of co-workers are not linked only to female colleagues, rather they are the types who love to interfere in your life and give advice for every single thing. They don’t think before asking you some personal questions including your wedding, family planning or even looking for job change.

Free snacks supplier. Me being one of them, these are the types of co-workers who always keep their drawers filled with some snacks and everyone else in the office is most welcome. Whoever feels hungry and looking for a quick bite, can reach to these types of co-workers and have some any time.

Cribbing Master. These types of co-workers are very dangerous for any organization because they always have one or the other problem with the company policies, management or the team leaders. They are the ones who are even vocal about their thoughts and spread negativity throughout the company.

Romeo. Even the office space is not free from these types of co-workers. The Romeo types can be found around the workplace of any beautiful women employees trying to talk to them, helping with their small works and everything else they can do to be around them.

Always Available. There are some co-workers who you can always see in the office whether you reach office before time or you are leaving office doing extra work. In short, they are kind of people who are first to reach and last to leave the office.

Do you have any other type of co-worker that you would like to add to the list? Feel free to comment below.

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