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Do you know what your employees think of you or talk about you at your back? They might be totally different in front of you and react differently when you are not around. We all have some habits and way of handling things that we don’t realize but it reflects what type of manager we are and what perception we give them about our personality. Here we are discussing few very common types of bosses that we meet every day. Read the details and find out what kind of boss you are.

Thumbs Up Boss: There are a lot of managers or leaders or bosses you can say who are always with their team and don’t hesitate to appreciate the efforts put by the team members. They show their thumbs up whenever you do good or come up with a great idea. They take pride in providing their team members freedom and flexibility that help them to grow professionally as well as personally. The only drawback with the kind of bosses is that the team members who are left to do as they like, ay get lost if they don’t voice their opinion or go and ask about any concern or query.

Power Tripper Boss: These are kind of bosses who want to be in the limelight of their superiors and management and focus only on their career growth no matter what it takes. They are the ones who take credit for all the hard work put by the team leaders and all the ideas come up as group discussions. They love to have power over others and dictate what they want to get done. They are mostly dominating giving you strict rules to follow and harder deadlines to submit the work.

The Buddy Boss: Do you think you are the buddy boss who wants to be friends with everyone in the office? The employees working under buddy boss get a lot of flexibility in their work, timings, and breaks. You won’t have very strict deadlines or rules to follow while working on the projects under them. However, the only drawback with these kinds of bosses is that they are very soft while giving feedbacks and most of the times it is very constructive in nature that doesn’t allow the employees to get to know their weaknesses and hence they don’t get much chance to develop the skills that they are lacking in.

The Screamer Boss: Yes, these are the types of bosses who are very common in every office. You will find at least one in every office. Hope you are not one of them who keeps screaming for each and everything, be it related to work done, work to be done, problems, concerns, ideas, frustrations or anything else. They rarely have any control over their volume and the whole office can listen to their conversations. All in all, they just want to get recognized and heard about everything going on in their mind.

Perfectionist Boss: Believe me, I have worked under one perfectionist boss. It is very tough to work with them but once you learn to fit into their level of expectations, nobody can beat you. Once you worked under a perfectionist boss, you will get a unique quality of ‘eye to detail’ that will never let you make any mistake in your career. You learn to be a perfectionist, perfect time manager, and an awesome human being who knows how to be a mentor to anyone and to teach their subordinates.

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Balanced Boss: Rare to find one balanced boss, but they exist too. They are the ones who have the qualities of too many different types of bosses we studies or we met in our career. They have all the great qualities of being a manager or a leader who can take their members to another level in terms o understanding, skill development, and career progression. One might feel lucky to find one in their career. I too hope to engrave such qualities to become a balanced boss one day.

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