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Once you enter the interview room, you might meet a panel of interviewers or a single person who takes care of the recruitment. Generally, there is a set pattern of the interviews that everyone goes through and hence few specific questions that are common in any interview you face. No doubt that there are no particular answers to a question and hence it can’t be taught. However, here we are giving you some tips to answer the most common questions asked in an interview.

Q - Tell me something about yourself.

Answer: Take it as an opportunity to share best things about you and show your communication skills. Ideally, the answer to this question should start with your name, giving some information about your place of birth and present location, and then give a brief about your educational background without mentioning the percentage and subjects. In case you are a fresher, you can talk about the projects that you did and how it helped you to up skill and if you are an experienced candidate, talk about your work experience giving a brief about the profile you handled. Finally, end it with a brief introduction about your family background and members.

Q – Why are you looking for a job change?

Answer: First of all, thank the organization you were working for that helped you to learn a lot of things that would be helpful for your career growth as well as personal. Mention the learning from your past job and continue to the reason you want to look out for a new opportunity and finally relate it to your long-term career goals. You can mention financial growth in case money is one of the main reasons for looking out for a new job.

Q - Why do you want to join our company?

Answer: The recruiter wants to know why you chose their company over others to give an interview. He also wants to analyze your stability in case any competitor offers you the same kind of job role and salary package. Hence, to answer this question in the interview, make sure you mention the good things about the company (For that, you should be well aware of the same and do your homework well before going for the interview). Mention why the mentioned projects and company culture would help you to develop you personally and professionally and finally link it to your long-term goals.

Q – Why should I hire you?

Answer: One another common question to ask is the reason a recruiter should hire you. If you have read the job description well before appearing for the interview, it would be easy to mention most of the points from there about your knowledge. Mention what are you able to do that is matching the profile they are looking for. Give them a brief about the profile you have already handled in the previous companies and the skills that you possess to handle those responsibilities. Mention your career goals in detail and speak about the connection that it could be the best thing that they can do hiring you.

Q – What are your salary requirements?

Answer: If you are a fresher and going to join your first company ever, never talk about the salary expectation. Always say that salary is not the priority at the beginning of your career, rather they are looking for learning opportunities and stability in the career. If you are an experienced candidate, you can share your salary expectations in terms of percentage hike from the previous salary, however, always mention that you would be ok with the company norms for the salary package.

Keep these points in mind while going for the interview next time and share your experiences here. In case you have any questions about replying to any other interview question, you can ask that too here.

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