Tired of sending your Resume to Hiring Managers? These can be the possible reasons

Added: Apr 23, 2018 UTC
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Once you submit your resume or email the hiring manager, it takes around 200 seconds to reach the concerned person. And to be honest, the recruiter spends 5-10 seconds to go through your resume to decide whether to get in contact you or not. On an average, a recruiter receives at least 50 resumes even if there is not much advertisement for the open position. Considering the number, it is not rare to have your resume screened within 5 seconds and go to trash without even considering the main points you wanted the recruiter to know, No doubt, the process of screening is not very accurate, however, there is not much that candidates can do regarding this.

In those few seconds of screenings, there are various factors that recruiters look at, that may put your resume in the shortlisted category or trash bin. Here, we are sharing some of those points that you need to take care while preparing your resume.

Address: Even when I start screening the resumes, if I see the address on the top of the resume and I think it’s too far from the office, I may not even consider calling the candidate. Of course, I might be losing a good candidate who is ready to travel that long on daily basis, however, there becomes a conception that the location will not suitable to the candidate and hence may consider it later. So, even if you write your complete address, write it in the end.

Truth and Lie: Writing lies on your resumes is so common that 85% of the recruiters believe so. In the age of the internet, finding your lies is not that difficult and hence putting your resume into the trash folder won’t be wrong at all. The percentage or CGPA that you scored in your degrees can’t be round of to the next digit. Your 3.5 CGPA is not at all equivalent to 4. Hence, just be honest about your credentials and details.

Job Responsibilities v/s Accomplishments: Once you have started working in the corporate life, the designation or the position you are handling can explain most of your job profile. Hence, putting each and every detail of your job profile may not be important to mention in your resume. Rather, focus on your accomplishments to mention for the recruiter to read. It is very simple, you may not need to talk about your work, just show it in numbers.

Online Reputation: In this digital age, it is very easy to get to know your online life and the reputation you hold in there. The comments and the image you have online may have a direct impact on your candidature as the recruiter might get it checked to cross verify your credentials online. Even if you keep bullying or replying in the negative tone on the professional websites like hrdguru or LinkedIn, you may get noticed enough to put your resume in the trash.

The length of your resume: Do you really need to have a 5-page long resume that would explain every point in detail? No, you just need to mention the things in the shortest form in your resume. No recruiter has all the time to read your complete resume. You can keep the details to explain the face to face interview. Make sure you prepare your resume mentioning more of points rather than paragraphs.

Typos: Oh! This can be the worst thing you do on your resume. You represent yourself through the cover letter and your resume to the recruiter and if there are typing errors, it would definitely go to the trash and you might keep waiting for the shortlist email.

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