Social media availability in office hours: Distraction or stress buster

Added: May 02, 2018 UTC
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Social media is one of the greatest inventions of modern era which enables us to connect, communicate, share and exchange information using the internet. With new tools and technologies being introduced on a consistent basis, social media has been warmly welcomed and adopted by our tech-savvy generation.

Social media can be immensely addictive and it can easily find a way in our busy schedules at the workplace. Studies on the use of social media also support this statement. Organizations are facing major challenges with social media as the employees are spending a lot of time on these social media websites and eventually struggling to finish their work on time. Most of us must have had instances when we opened Facebook just to update the status, and then started viewing a friend’s latest profile pic, few likes, some comments, a small chat and Woah! Our precious 1 hour was gone.

Some employers may see social media use as deleterious to productivity while others can take it as an employee engagement and brand building tool. Let us dig a bit deeper to find out whether employee use of social media during office hours is productive or unproductive.

It’s understandable that employers are concerned over how the frequent use of social media sites might spin out of control. Moreover, the social media can also prove a threat to confidential documents or information as they can easily be shared with others by just a click of the mouse button. As an avid social media user, I can understand the situation of an employer who is left concerned about data security and productivity.

Therefore banning social media at work cannot stop employees from accessing it. Also, blocking access to social media might develop a feeling among the employees that the organization has no trust in them. What’s even worse is that the blocking strategy will not work as most of the employees can anyways access social media on their phones.

Therefore it becomes critical to find ways of installing the right working attitude among employees and making them understand that the work should not suffer at any cost. There should be a right balance of freedom and duty in the communication with employees. The message should be that everyone in the organization is free to access social media at any given point of time but it should not happen at the cost of their own productivity or their relationship with their colleagues.

In my opinion, when the brain gets tired and work gets repetitive it’s natural to be distracted. I give my heart and soul towards the growth and betterment of my organization and social media works like a stress buster for me. I really enjoy using it during few minutes of break which I take.

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“Responsible use of social media at the workplace is a boon”. If an employee just doesn’t care about work and keeps on accessing social media then definitely his productivity will suffer. But, instead of banning social media, an organization can motivate the employees to use it for enhancing their knowledge and collaborating with different teams. A company’s intranet is also a sort of social media tool but websites like Facebook and Twitter are much faster and interactive when it comes to sharing information. It can be kept as a part of an employee’s module program to share regular updates of ongoing projects by using closed social media groups meant for an internal purpose. This would not only help in better coordination but will also make them understand that social media is not only about liking, sharing, tweeting and poking. At the same time, they remain motivated to do what they have to do.

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