Role of Good Networking Online and Offline in Business Growth

Added: May 03, 2018 UTC
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It is a known fact that if we add  new tools to our toolbox it doesn’t mean the old tools have become useless; The latest innovations in technical growth doesn’t keep aside the old methods of working, it’s just that the world is growing with the new advancement and we have to keep with the pace of the growth, yet keeping our old methods of working intact.

 So I will put forward certain points of How the role of good networking online and offline can help us in business growth. . Being physically present in your event and social networking has not gone out of style. Often, online and offline networking tactics should be combined for the best levels of professional success.

Attending Events In-Person

Physical presence is always having an edge over the virtual presence. No matter how much advancement has been achieved in technology, but still no one can achieve human emotions. A professional who is coming from afar of place just to attend a face to face meeting with a client, the business leader always counts more than a professional who is sitting at his end and is attending the conference virtually vide skype or other techniques (cloud). The way a hand is been shaken, gestures are being performed in front of the customer or business leader always leave an impact rather than just sending hi or hello in an email. The body language and tone will clear finer details of the person in the first instance. Online or in virtual world one is left without any sense of how something is being said. Virtual presence can often be ignored among the chaos of the busy online world, in-person events provide a much more intimate level of professional connection.

Also, If you’re just starting out as an entrepreneur, you’re more likely to be ignored online since people will often check your profile before following up with you.  So if you don’t have enough testimonials and credentials, there are chances that you might likely to get ignored. So it is always better to attend in-person conferences, meetings, seminars, tradeshows to make the contacts and to make your presence felt before going into the virtual world.

On contrary, virtual presence will provide you with a chance to prepare for your act viz. Presentation, no in-person hesitation or awkwardness. Time & Money saving as you don't’ to travel. This can provide you with an opportunity to concentrate on other important tasks once the virtual conference is over.

Social Media Not being used by everyone.

Yes its true that the experienced entrepreneurs, wise businessman tend to be of an older generation, and are more likely to refrain from social media, may be of the generation gap. Hence depending entirely on the social media can ruin your chances of getting into contact with the experienced people.  


Maintain a Balanced Approach


If you want to build a strong network connection, one should be open to, as many opportunities as possible, and that means having the knowledge of the utilization of each and every technology whether offline or online.

Online networking has its tremendous advantages. It provides you with the platform of countless opportunities and billions of potential connections you could never meet in person. It is a known fact that in today scenario, your business must have a good online presence. It has become a widely acceptable toll to reach and interact with your target sector and customer.

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Entrepreneurs must find balance in their networking strategies the same way they find balance in their business structure or marketing campaigns: by harnessing the best of each world.

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