Being Busy Doesn’t Prove Your Productivity

Added: May 03, 2018 UTC
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We are doing different tasks during the course of the day, but at the end of the day, it seems that nothing has been achieved. Of course, we have many tasks, as we are playing a different role in our life. But Alas! we are always complaining that our busy schedule is keeping us away from our hobbies and interests. The fact is that we are busy, but we are done have that productivity.

1. No Clear Goals: Without clear goals, it’s like waiting for the toast to get prepared while the toaster is powered off. It’s true if we don’t have set goals, targets, parameters, intentions as what needs to be done then how we will measure our progress our present situation from the earlier situation. With goals, there is always a clear picture of what you have thought and what you have accomplished.

2. Not prioritizing: Prioritizing what needs to be finished, is as important as setting the goal We are not Jennies who can do everything all at once; we are human beings who can do one thing at a time. Hence prioritize the important things as what needs to be done earlier and what can be put aside. Also, don’t procrastinate the task, thinking that it is tough and hence I will take up later on since that will also give you a sense of not completing the task, which will have a cascading effect on the goal. So Don’t PROCRASTINATE. 

 3. No routine:  We all have 24 hours in a day. So it’s always better to schedule your day accordingly. Remember not even a single soul gets more than 24 hrs a day.  So if you have kids manage the routines as per the sleeping hours of your kids, so that you can concentrate on your tasks more efficiently.

4. Doing a lot: To put this in a simpler story, let me share one incident that I came across sometime back, I have gone for the dinner with my husband. It was a decent sized table for the two of us dining. The moment we finished anything, this particular waiter would come and ask us if he could clear the table.  The waiter kept going and clearing away dishes and glasses from every table whenever he could, while the other waiters went only at the end. Hence doing it, again and again, was more like an interruption. We just wanted that our dinner would have been quiet and without any interruption in our conversations, hence he could have cleared once we were fully finished! This waiter was clearly doing a lot of hard work but not a smart work. Similarly, doing a hundred things that keeps you busy but not showing productivity is a waste of time. So guys work smartly not harder.

5 Learn to say ‘NO’: I have noticed that people who are busy over longer periods of time having lesser productivity suffer from their inability to say NO or they difficulty in delegating the tasks. I have often come across many people who cannot say no, thinking what another person might think of him, hence make a list of those who need you and deserve you. They are the ones to whom you should always give priority. Learn to Delegate, some people at times do not delegate thinking, that their power will be snatched, if the other person does the work more efficiently. So delegate the minor tasks and concentrate on the more important tasks that only you can do.

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At the end of the day review your list. It will allow you to see how much you have done and achieved. Thus giving you the sense of accomplishment.

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