Creating Employee Delight

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Delighted employees are the ones where needs can be anticipated; support is being provided even before they ask for it and where they are being observed to see if new and/or additional expectations are about ready to be required. It’s a state wherein the employees feels that in the job they are doing they have applied their mind and heart out to it and always endeavors to improvise and improve themselves each day at work.

Designing employee delight is not a matter of just slogans and empty pats on the back and cheery thank-you in an internal newsletter. Employee experience is a matter of building a truly motivating environment in which to perform and exceed goals and expectations. It utilizes a combination of obstacle removal, inspiring tools, and education for success.

Let us discuss a few points which can really help us create delighted employees which are very important for any organization’s success.

1.   Clear Expectations: People want to know what is expected from them. What their managers really want them to do. Having clear objectives can improve productivity and performance. Also, it is very important to understand the expectations of employees from their managers. Employees are the heart of the Organisation. The HR professionals should just not do things for employees because they are supposed to do it for them as it is part of their job. We should try to figure out that do we really need to do what we are doing for them, will this make them happy or the other way round. The right passionate people are the building blocks of any company. If taken good and proper care you can make your employees perform to their best and make them delighted.

2.   Align Employees to the mission and purpose of Business: A very important thing is to know that every employee wants to add some value to the organization they are working with. Whatever task has been assigned to them they want to understand why they are doing that. Whether what they do is really important for the organization. A very simple process that can work is to measure that the success of the task assigned will contribute to the business success and if the same not done correctly will really hamper the growth. Do not dump tasks and processes on your people. The key is to make an employee happy about the tasks he is doing and make him feel valued for the same, that he really does make a difference.

3.   Feedback and Recognition: Survey and study say that appreciation and recognition for a job well-done results as the highest motivator for employees. Many employees really carry the baggage of feelings that they are not praised enough at their workplace. It’s all about bringing some focused attention to catching your employees doing things right. As a manager, you really should be paying closer attention to their work and performance so that you can find opportunities to praise them. One key rule that should be followed by all the team leaders is to appreciate in public and criticize in private. Team Leaders should be all ears to their people and encourage people to approach them to ask queries, share ideas, and voice concerns.Also, as a manager, if you cannot do anything about the feedback given to you by a team member, never take feedback from them the next time.

Delight starts from basic things. One size doesn’t fit all. There is no standard process for making employees delighted. You have to work upon it. If you take care of your employees, they will feel like the time they’ve invested in you is meaningful.

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