Trend shaping the future of Recruiting and Hiring

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Recruitment is a term used to explain the entire process of finding and hiring qualified human talent for an open position or for a proactive hire for an organization. In United States, recruitment is quite normally referred to as recruiting, talent acquisition, or hiring. And around the world, mainly in the UK, recruitment is the most commonly used term to describe the complete process of sourcing and hiring talented people.

Many companies retain in-house recruiting specialists that are charged with posting jobs, finding candidates, and assisting to hire capable folks.

The future of Recruitment:  The forthcoming future will be more machine-driven than perhaps ever before in the ever-expanding quest for recruiters who have to ensure they are hiring the best quality candidates. Recruiting is evolving with technology at a frenetic pace.

Trends shaping the Future of Recruitment / Hiring: Now time and technology is changing, the structure and the process change accordingly. Yes, now time is a completely new era in the field of recruitment / hiring where we are moving very fast towards artificial intelligence and little with human interactions.  Sourcing and Hiring a good talent for your company has become extremely transactional. The difficult potential candidate searches, the never-ending scheduling, and the recurring screening can be useless and tiresome. It’s time for a new epoch of hiring which can focus more on the gratifying elements of the job — an individual part, a strategic part.

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Recruiting is now more digital and online:  Recruitment is going to be digital and become artificial intelligence. In online hiring, where a piece of information is limited to the employer, there may be errors that the recruiter may commit. In online recruitment, the applicant fills in limited information, which may at times prove to be insufficient. At times, in emergent situations where there is urgency to recruit or fill a job position, the recruiter may at times hire the candidate which is really not fit for the vacant job position and may ignore the candidate which was more deserving. Hence, in the procedure of online hiring, recruiters sometimes go wrong without realization.

Future for smart recruiters:  yes it’s true; there will be need for smart recruiters in all organization. One should have great and sound knowledge of technology and various social sites. Not even the knowledge, but be active member of all social networks, because this is fast and smart recruiting talent. The more connections and links means: good and smart recruiter.  Yes, the day is coming for new HR recruiter, when they can join only if they have good social network. This will be the most and required skill.

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