How to keep balance at work and life

Updated: Jan 23, 2019 UTC
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If one were asked what the most important priority of life is, how to keep a balance at one’s work life should be right among the very top. Work and life are like two worlds-  two disparate, yet-almost equally important ones. Work is a part of life and is among the most important aspects of everyone’s life. Life is a mix of many things, of which work is a crucial part.

Any working professional has a life to lead. Work is among the most essential elements of life, and one has to grow at every stage at work to make life fulfilling. How does one balance the two? How to keep a balance at work life is one of the prime questions for almost everyone who takes life and work seriously.

The problem in how to keep a balance at work life becomes a thorny issue to handle because we get torn between two equally demanding things that could tear us apart. The more we try to concentrate on one, the more the other suffers. As we find that these two aspects of our life pile up pressure on us, we start discovering that we become slow or inefficient at work, start losing temper at other people, or feel the need to run away from the mess. As time passes, we develop physiological problems from stress in form of lowered immune system, frequent illness and other psychosomatic issues.

Are there a few formulae or magic bullets for a balance at one’s work life? yes, there are ways of approaching the matter of work life balance. It however, has to be borne in mid that these are not the kind of solutions that one finds in textbooks, reads them and start applying them from the moment one finishes reading the book. How to keep a balance at work life is one of the practices that one implements with care and a lot of effort and patience, and is something at which one finds solutions over the long haul.

It should also be noted that these are best suggestions which could go some way in helping to keep a balance at work life. It is not a set of solutions cast in stone and could vary from time to time or from person to person. Why not try implementing some of these suggestions and see if they could help you understand how to keep a balance at work life?

Learn to manage your tasks efficiently

The root of most tensions is our inability to finish tasks efficiently. Suppose there is a deadline of 3 pm for completing a task, what would we do if it dragged up till 5?Supposed I had committed to our family that I would be home at 4 in anticipation that the work would get over at 3, the problem starts. I can feel tension creeping in about what to finish by 3. What is the point in regretting having spent half an hour of the precious time in chatting with someone when I could have spent that time on work? Learning to handle jobs efficiently is one of the first steps to a balance at work life.

Learn to delegate

Delegation is a very important aspect of efficiency. Learn the art of doing this right. When one delegates the right work to the right person, it helps in a myriad of ways. You could increase the self-esteem of the colleague to whom you delegated work. You could build better teams. You could ensure complete efficiency.

Let us say you want to take your family to a restaurant. It would make a lot more sense to ask your family to come over than for you to go home and pick them up and then come to the restaurant, unless of course, your house is on the way to the restaurant. You can delegate this work to the family and save a good half hour on travel, which is something you could keep as extra time for the dinner! The key, however, is in getting delegation right, because doing it wrongly turns the whole plan upside down.

Give up multitasking

Multitasking is a big no if you want to balance work and life! There was a time when managements attached a lot of importance to this talent, but over time, people realized just how meaningless this concept is in today’s work environment. In trying to juggle jobs, we distribute our strengths among all these tasks and eventually end up doing nothing efficiently. When you are with your family, be with your family. When at work, think of work. This will help you increase efficiency at work and the quality of the time you give your family.

Communicate, communicate, communicate!

Communication is one of the strongest elements of how to keep a balance at work life. Every time you begin a major work, make it a point to communicate with your boss and your team members about the project, the resources needed for it, the time taken and what each member is expected to contribute.

When you let your colleagues, or your manager know that you would not be available at a certain time for the work due to family commitments, it will be factored in, as it will help them plan and look forward to how to get their work done on time efficiently. At the same time, it is important to communicate with the family too if an unforeseen development could lead you to cancel your plan with them. Let them know that while this occasion may have been marred for some reason, you will try to make it some other time. In fact, both family and the organization will recognize you as a person who takes both work and life seriously and responsibly.

Planning is very important

While communicating with your team allows them to plan the work, a good part of your efficiency on a day-to-day basis depends on how well you plan your work. All major work is a collection of tasks and subtasks. Start each project or each day with planning how you plan to finish these tasks. Remember that the more tasks you accomplish, the more relieved and less tensed up you will be about the overall work.

Earmark time for fitness

Mental and physical fitness is a primary requirement to keep your batteries running and be efficient at work and lively at home. Yoga is a godsend. Try proven breathing techniques such as mindfulness or pranayama. Having said this, it is true that different methods work for different people. If you find a bout at the gym or a few laps in the pool relaxing, do it. The key is to do what you enjoy doing and enjoy what you are doing.

Fitness is scientifically proven to improve efficiency at work for the simple reason that a well-structured regime releases positive, stress reducing hormones. If you have not done it yet, start a fitness routine today and see the difference down the line. Finally, the proof of your effort at balancing work and life is how relaxed you are while accomplishing this. Rather than getting worked up about trying to ensure this, take it one step at a time and do it yourself and see it bring about changes into your work and life.

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