Career first job? Six simple hacks to impress your boss

Updated: Sep 05, 2018 UTC
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Whether you are a simply graduate and heading out to kick start your professional career in any organization or embarking on an altogether new career path, that very first job, in more ways than one is pretty intimidating. Surely some of you have done internships in recent, so you might know the some ropes, many of you surely have no clue of what you are getting into. Each workplace in the organization is different and thus requires good and different skill sets to fit into, but a few general tips make it comparatively easy to face the challenges at any new job assignments.

here we are sharing some tips how to impress your senior or immediate boss, staying in the organization, you need to be very energetic, smart and bold in all manners.

Always Do Your Homework ­ First
It goes without saying that one has to be well briefed about the organization they are joining. Understanding their mission, targets and vision helps you remain focused on essential goals. Don't be embarrassed to take help from colleagues who can assist you in keeping up with the speed and the kind of 
duties expected out of the team. By doing study prior to your joining in the organization, you will only be better prepared for the challenges that come your way. 

Be a Sponge ­ 
One of the key responsibilities of every new entrant to simply watch and absorb ­ from your company's culture to the way your team works and responds. The target projects, the challenges, the various departments and the goals that need to be accomplished should be well soaked into you, before taking over your roles and responsibilities. It is good to feel clueless at first, but once you start attending meetings, informal events or any office get-together, you will start getting the hang of how things and people work. 

Always Keep Your Boss Informed ­ 
You can carry out much more by having a straight relationship with your immediate boss than by using a mediator to do so. This can be achieved by getting regular feedback and ideas on the work you handle. Irrespective of how big or small your project is, always keep your immediate boss updated and informed timely on the progress and the learning’s your have acquired.

Try being a part of an important Project in the organization 
Irrespective of whether you are made a part of a vital project your team works on or not, if it's important for the company, it's of utmost importance to you. Keep yourself updated about the challenges and progress on that 
particular project. Like I said before, you might just feel awkward initially since you are still learning the ropes and trying to make your mark, this tip will surely make you stand out. Never use the term, 'That's not my job'. 

Be Willing to Try New Things / Experiments ­ 

Each organization, every team surely has a typical culture. Being experimental and saying yes to things 
should be your saying as a new company entrant. Embrace new routines, new conditions to work, bigger challenges and changes to avoid the dull rut. Try to adapt in situations, think always big and out of the box. 

Surely at the end of the day, it's all about going the extra mile to be surely noticed. Since you are trying and new at building your career, it should be your good number valuable asset. It's clear that shortcuts are a strict no, in its place a synthesis of smart and hard work is a reputable mantra. Get experience and develop always skills to make your way up the expert’s ladder. Definitely your first job is not only about show that you can get the job done well; it's also about networking and learning good tricks of the trade as possible. 

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