What Motivates You at Work?

Updated: Jan 05, 2019 UTC
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This is one of the main questions that interviewers ask during a job interview is, "what motivates you at work?"  What is work-life balance? This question normally is meant to help the potential employer understand you more as a individual personality, giving insight on what you value and enjoy doing, how you would comfortable into a team-based work environment, and what bothers you. When you reply this question sincerely, it also helps the interviewer connect with you on a deeper level by indulgent more of what you care about and why you are looking to work in a specific post or with the organization.

You can see your professional style, such as whether you prefer working in a team-based atmosphere or a quiet and individual environment. There may be some types of jobs will have deadline-based work, and you need to finish that task within TAT, so think about whether it motivates you or if you find yourself in struggling  under pressure. If you do succeed well with deadlines, then you should talk about specific examples from your past professional experiences where you set or completed deadlines and felt motivated by meeting the timeline. When you think how to answer the question of what motivates you at work, you can also discuss the skills you have developed through personal and professional achievements in last assignments, and how these will tie into the job for which you have applied.

When an employer asks this question, he or she is mainly not asking about your final career aspirations and targets, so turn clear of talking about where you want to go next. Instead, focus on the motivation that you will have while working in the job at current. Another topic to avoid as a motivator is money; even if that is one of the main things that get you to work in the morning. Making reimbursement your key focus is a major turn-off for most employers, so talk about fulfillment in your career and successes you have had in the past instead of emphasizing your need to earn an income.

Some sample answers for this question are here including:

  • Yes, I am motivated by deadlines and work fine with a clear timeline in place. Always meeting a deadline helps me feel like I have accomplished a target and keeps me more and more motivated to continue to exceed potential. At a previous job, I was planning an event and made myself a agenda for each task to make sure we had plenty of time to check all details.
  • Mainly I get motivation from providing excellent service to every customer with whom I get into contact. I am looking for opportunities to improve my customer relationship skills so that each person I interact with will have a positive experience.
  • I always feel motivated by leading a team and helping each member of my team grow. In past working opportunities, I have been able to develop management plans and create goals that we could accomplish together, allowing us to later celebrate our successes.

When you come into your final interview feeling prepared with great examples to use, while also maintaining a positive and professional tone about the things that help motivate you to do well at work, it will make it very simple to maintain a calm attitude when answering the questions they present to you.

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