The Four Pillars of Talent Management- and Their Role in Organizational Changes

Updated: Jan 17, 2019 UTC
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We move toward a more dynamic age in international business, the need for talent management and its fast-paced approach to change is something organizations must incorporate to be able to attend to business needs as well as adapt to a nebulous environment to be able to consistently grow. It’s never easy figuring out the various factors within an organization which can impact the results of a major shift in company priority or alignment. Thus, talent management uses modern approaches to help us both understand our needs and understand the people directly affected by it. Ensuring organizational growth and restoring harmony as quickly as possible quickly becomes the watchword of the hour for a talent management system to be regarded as a success. HR leader roles thrive when they are able to deliver upon certain metrics of success. As such, here are the four pillars upon which talent management depends upon-

1.Clarity- This part includes going to an entire and intensive understanding of the reasoning behind the change and decision making within the department. It implies testing the reasoning behind the proposed change to ensure the company is headed in the right direction with its policies and changes. Some important questions to provide clarity to the internal management is-

•Why are we making these decisions?

•What are the desired objectives of the decision?

•What are the possible difficulties you might face?

This line of questioning will make a consensus of the priority objectives, the significance, and advantages of the change, and also the conceivable difficulties the organization might face. It additionally will serve to make a rational case for a decision that can later be provided to a larger segment of the workforce. This is particularly relevant for decisions that realign company priorities and objectives

2.Preparation- Through this column, we can look at what exists inside the organization's work approaches and ethics, organizational history, and administrative styles that could fill in as either a hindrance or leverage for actualizing change within the organization. By concentrating on the status for change, you'll have the capacity to recognize potential entanglements and maintain a strategic distance from mishaps. Despite the fact that it's difficult to anticipate each potential issue that may emerge, doing this will regulate the possible dangers of pro-active decision making.

3.Fitness Capabilities- This pillar of talent management focuses on guaranteeing that the association has suitable frameworks, procedures, and leadership to make a full transition into the new company policy or alignment. At the end of the day, this is the place we look all the more carefully at the impacts and the repercussions of the change. Often, we've seen organizations execute another solution that prompted negative, and sometimes, appalling results somewhere else inside the organization.

4.Reaction- Here, we address about the impact of change upon the employees and their own stability. This is a prime source of unsuccessful decision making. It's fundamental to understand and cater to the emotional responses that individuals have when managing change. Through this process, you can ensure that employees have an unmistakable understanding of what the organizational change will provide, how it will influence them, and when. It's additionally an open door for the organization can think of systems for supporting employees through the change.


Examining these aspects of talent management, and figuring out how each pillar factors into the process as a whole to support and hold up the organization has become indispensable. While we continue to move into a technologically driven age and one that accommodates for the rapid changes that are possible is instrumental in bringing organizations and their employees up and setting them up for both present and future success and harmony.

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Pooja Jaswal Nov 23, 2018 UTC
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Sagrika Roy Nov 23, 2018 UTC
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Ankita Khetawat Nov 22, 2018 UTC
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