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Talent Management is growing and it’s not just one of the KRAs of your HR Generalist profile. You are a Talent Management professional or you are an HR professional – the difference is clear as day. This function works in sync with other organizational departments and more so closely with HR functions. It starts with on boarding and takes on to entire employee life cycle. There are technologies, processes that allow you to bring organizational change and streamline talent management with company goals. A certification, becomes necessary. You need a skill upgrade, as a gap between available technology and lack of comprehension of these advancements is probably the biggest pain point of this field.

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Why go for professional credentialing in Talent Management? This is and should be the first question for every professional. Let’s see what Certified Talent Management Professional means for the company and your career:

  • The certifications take into account the requisite education and experience in specific fields of Talent Management. So, your skills get a verifiable platform.
  • It creates a competency framework to access, appraise and evaluate your skills in talent management.
  • Grow a network of talent management professionals and understand the latest industry trends
  • Upgrade your skills as you climb up the ladder.

Before going for these programs check for eligibility. There are programs defined for different junctures in your career. There will be many starting up courses like Talent Management Practitioner that are perfect for professionals who are just starting or been there for one to three years in this field. Most of the times they will set out a clear criteria of your education and skill set.

These certifications can be very well a deal maker. It gives credentialed edge to your skill set. You learn through flexible study material and networking opportunities. Having Professional Credentials boosts your know-how in the field. Talent Management is evolving and is set to grow. This, gives you the crucial early start. Moving forward you can go for the upgrades. These platforms provide advanced certificates. One example is Senior Talent Management Practitioner that is apt for mid-career professionals. The skills and requisites required are advanced here. The coarse material goes in depth and is more inclined to strategic skills rather than tactical skills. The clinching point for the certifications are:

  • They are flexible, you can procure them anytime in your career
  • You do not need to take a break or go back to school
  • They are economical and do not put the pressure on student loans
  • It caters advanced learning that is online and flexible

Learning needs to be continuous and dynamic. It should be more than classroom and should mirror organizational learning. Certifications are just that with the flexible learning module. Talent Management is an upcoming avenue that comes with learning tools, engagement in its tactical forefront. As you go higher up, the presence in the board room becomes mandatory. You create strategies that align with organizational goals. The goal is to create employees that are truly assets and understanding the gaps in communication.



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