How credential badges help in your career growth?

Updated: Dec 15, 2018 UTC
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Credentials are becoming a necessity in any industry and with technology and digital era on the rise, it is not surprising that certification bodies are offering credentials that are digitized. Yes, digital credentials are becoming a norm with numerous certification bodies and recruiters.

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The question though here is why? What is so special about digital credential or credential badges? And while you are searching answers for these questions are you also being bogged down by question like how to earn badge credentials?

But before we delve deeper into the world of digital credentials, let’s understand what are credential badges, how they benefit you and how could you display your badge credentials on your digital profile.

Credential Badges – What You Should Know

If you are confused about credential badges or badge credentials for that matter, then worry not and keep reading as we clear your confusion about digital credentials.

To understand credential badges, think certifications but in a digital form. Yes, credential badges are just a digital representation of the certification program ensuring a prospective recruiter about your accomplished a skill, quality or even an interest. While all the features of badge credentials remain same as that of paper certifications, the only difference with credential badges is that you could display them on your blog, website, social media profiles like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or Quora.

Badge credentials are as important as your regular certifications, or maybe more important. How, well one they are also third party validation of your skills and qualifications. In fact, credential badges have clickable link that takes you the recipient’s profile on the certification body’s website with all the details of the course undertaken, exams and the result.

Recruiters find it really easy to validate your skills digitally with just one click. How is that possible is what is explained in the points below –

1. The digital badge or credential comes with two main parts – one the badge itself and the other part is the metadata attached to the badge that carries all the information

2.  When a badge is shared on the website or a blog or even on a soft copy of the resume, it carries all the important and required information like the year you received the credential, the course you applied for and for how long that credential is valid. 

So now you have all the information regarding credential badges, let’s find out who all would benefit from badge credentials and whether you could apply for an industry of your choice.

When you apply for any certification or credential badges you always look out for the things that would help in your career growth. So here is the list of all those who would benefit from your badge credentials.

1.  Certifying Organizations

2.  Credentials Recipients

3.  Recruiting Managers

These are three major organizations/institutes who would benefit from your credential badges. When a certifying organization issue a digital credential they are promoting their certification program on a broader scale and they also save on the cost of paper certification.

Another beneficiary is you. When you have a badge credential on your social media you immediately become a prospective hire. You earn the respect of recruiting managers and they don’t have to go any lengths to hire you.


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